Meet the Mutts – Monthly Spotlight

mutts with a mission - jake 1

Mutts with a Mission has recently been adding volunteers, trainers, and of course plenty of new dogs in training.

These heroes are working hard to help American veterans, but could use some help as well. If you’re able, please check out their Amazon wish list to help with a crate, some grooming tools, or even just a chew toy!

As part of our monthly spotlight series, we wanted to introduce some of their fantastic service dogs.


mutts with a mission - jake 2mutts with a mission - jake 3

Jake never gives up! Even when the task (or bone) is bigger than him, he will always persevere. He may eat like a puppy twice his size, but that’s okay because he trains just as hard!


mutts with a mission - dreamutts with a mission - drea 2mutts with a mission - drea 3

Drea has been working hard and needs plenty of rest in between training sessions. She’s always happy to get up when it’s time to eat though! She definitely deserves that rest and food because she’s always ready to work.


mutts with a mission - hatchcockmutts with a mission - hatchcock 2mutts with a mission - hatchcock 3

Hatchcock has had a busy summer. At the county fair he was allowed to scope out an ambulance, and he even met a cow! In his free time he loves going on adventures, and swimming in the pool. Hatchcock is such a pro that even a bear can’t scare him! Hatchcock loves to explore, which is good because once it’s time to serve, this boy is fearless!


mutts with a mission - ameliamutts with a mission - amelia and abemutts with a mission - abe

Amelia and Abe have so much respect for the American flag and those who have served to protect it. When they were called on to give back, they couldn’t have been more willing to serve.


If you want to see some more photos of these Mutts With A Mission, check out their Facebook page. And if you want to help them out, go to their website or look at their amazon wish list!

Read more about this great cause here.