Milo Yiannopoulos and the Very Bad Failed Silencing by Mob Violence

byTari Cooper

Originally published by Red Nation Rising

I’m sitting here stewing, my mind churning, unable to think about anything else but the way that Milo Yiannopoulos was SILENCED last night by VIOLENCE. “Protesters” (more properly called rioters) set fires, threw rocks, beat people with poles, and chanted heinous messages of killing and harm at UC Berkeley (“home” of the free speech movement), where Milo was scheduled to speak in a 500-seat auditorium. These students would not have been FORCED to listen to Milo. No, because freedom is important. Because choosing is important. They would have attended his event BY CHOICE.

And there was no purity test. You didn’t have to AGREE with him in order to hear him speak.

Who is he?


Why can’t people listen to him if they want to?

That choice was stolen from them by people bent on marginalizing EVERYONE on the Right. Bullying us into submission, into SILENCE. Dr. Tim Daughtry wrote in 2013, “The strategy (of the far-left) was one of immersion more than conversion. It was not necessary to convert students or consumers of news to leftist thinking; it was only necessary to surround them with liberalism as if there were no other respectable way of thinking.” Talk about fascists. The reasonable ones here, the ones with a “righteous” cause, are the violent ones.

Milo broadcast a live response last night from the safety of his hotel room, after being evacuated as soon as the trouble started. In it, he gives a spot-on analysis of political violence and the end of free speech in America. If you can’t speak freely here, where can you?

“The Progressive Left, the social justice Left, the feminist, Black Lives Matter, Antifa Left, the HARD Left, which has become so utterly antithetical to free speech in the last few years, is taking a turn, post Trump’s election, where they simply will not…


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