Taxpayers Eat Another Solar Energy Flop

History is repeating itself in the world of crony capitalism as yet another solar plant goes up in smoke, alongside $1 billion in taxpayers' money.... Read more

A World Without Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the reason consumers have come to expect new gains and innovations in products and services every year.... Read more

Bernie Sanders’ Staffers Don’t Know the Dark Side of Soviet History

Soviet history is something every American should learn before it is too late to prevent its repetition here at home.... Read more

How the Prague Spring Led to the Fall of Communism

In 1987, Mikhail Gorbachev admitted that his “glasnost” and “perestroika” reflected the influence of the Prague Spring.... Read more

President Trump Claims DNC ‘Rigged’ 2020 Election Against Bernie Sanders

Trump recently accused the Democratic party of deliberately “rigging” the 2020 election against Bernie Sanders.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Drops $45 Million Investment on Pro Abortion Candidates

Planned Parenthood is preparing to elect more candidates who support unlimited abortions and those who support forcing every taxpayer to fund abortions... Read more

Seattle’s Happiness Problem

Does woke culture use poverty and homelessness as a cover and justification to discuss its complaints with First World problems?... Read more

Saving the Real American Dream in 2020

In the midst of the noise of the 2020 elections, we need to stay clear-headed in continuing our pursuit of the American dream.... Read more

How Prohibition Changed The Way Americans Drink

Are we drinking any more today than we did before the times of prohibition?... Read more

Feds Arrest Michael Avenatti During California Bar Association Hearing

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested by the IRS before the start of the California Bar Association hearing.... Read more

The European Green Deal Is Every Bit as Bad as Expected

The European Commission has unveiled its “European Green Deal,” after taking hints on denomination from its American counterpart, the “Green New Deal.”... Read more

How Cuba’s Dictatorship Hides its Dead Children

The long-praised Cuban health care system has quite a few secrets to hide, including the island's high death rates for small children.... Read more

'Jack Ryan' Gets 4 Pinocchios on Venezuela

Despite Venezuela’s track record of seizing the means of production of a multitude of industries⁠, there are still those who have trouble calling Venez... Read more

Europe’s Migration Influx: Premeditated and Problematic

The mass migration of people from Africa and the Middle East is a premeditated goal of the European political elites.... Read more

America’s Celebrity Culture Explains Why Harry and Meghan’s Flight Is Predictable

Being American, Meghan Markle probably expected life as a British royal to be the same as the Hollywood she was used to. That's not the case.... Read more

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