New to Economics? Here Are 5 eBooks to Get Started

Jumpstart your journey into a beautiful world of spontaneous order and human interaction.... Read more

Why Bad Customer Service Won't Improve Anytime Soon

In 2013, Americans spent an average of 13 hours disputing a purchase or resolving a problem with customer service.... Read more

Democratic Candidates Want Abortion Drug Sold Over The Counter

Democratic presidential candidates want to increase abortions by allowing over the counter sale of RU-486 drugs.... Read more

Are Human Rights Real?

Human rights are not synonymous with the laws protecting them. They are the first principles on which those laws are based.... Read more

What Streaming Services Teach Us about Economics

The proliferation of streaming services provides valuable illustrations of core concepts in economics.... Read more

Huge Baseball Contracts Come With Record Breaking Taxes

Three players signed contracts for a total of $814 million recently. If they'd signed those contracts for different teams, they'd be taking home a lot ... Read more

No-Hassle Holidays: A Fun and Easy Way to Give Gifts

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17 Crazy Stats That Will Help You Understand the Streaming Wars

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These Insurance Plans Subsidize Abortion

Majority of Americans do not support their tax dollars being used to fund abortions.... Read more

Teacher Unions Destroy School Accountability

The Clark County School District evaluated itself and determined that all teachers and administrators are doing a great job —and by the way, the union ... Read more

There's No Relief in Euthanasia

Embracing suffering, learning from it, and enduring it, benefits not only those we love, but ourselves as well.... Read more

3 Harmful Ideas That Are Weakening My Generation

A world immersed in paranoid concerns of safety distorts one's outlook, which is detrimental to the ability to function and thrive.... Read more

The Silicon Valley Gulag

The near-homogeneity of Silicon Valley political beliefs has gone from wry punchline to national crisis in the United States.... Read more

Epstein Scandal Proves Monarchy Is More Answerable to the People Than Democracy

Elected officials aren't being held accountable for their connections to Jeffrey Epstein. Surprisingly, those in the monarchy are.... Read more

In a World of Vast Streaming Options, Customer Is Still King

There is a truly staggering number of genre-based niche streaming services to satisfy almost every entertainment craving one might have.... Read more

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