5 Tips on How to Pay Off That Student Loan Before You're 30

Here are five practical tips everyone can follow to put an end to student debt quickly.... Read more

Why We Need a Voter’s License

Why do we presume voting requires no testable competence?... Read more

Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Corruption Plan: What’s It For and Will It Work?

Will Senator Elizabeth Warren’s restrictions on lobbying cure Washington corruption, as she promises?... Read more


The Government! What is it? Where is it? what does it do? what ought it to do?... Read more

Technological Innovation Is Nothing to Fear

Robots are not fundamentally different from other labor-saving innovations, and there's no reason to believe increased innovation will lead to mass une... Read more

Health Care Delayed Is Health Care Denied

Nationalizing health care into a single-payer format is popular, but how does it work in practice?... Read more

Free Markets Promote Those Who Peacefully Improve Others' Lives

By enriching most those who are most productive, capitalism makes those they deal with more fit for survival, as well.... Read more

Rent Control: A History of Failure

Rent controls are a recipe for less housing, and unaffordable rents. At least for most people.... Read more

The Meat-Packing Myth

There is a myth that Progressive humanitarians agitated for meat-packing regulations which now protect us from disease.... Read more

What Is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainty, offering no guarantees.... Read more

The “Medicare for All” Math Doesn’t Add Up—and Elizabeth Warren Knows It

Americans deserve to know how much Medicare for All will cost and how candidates intend to pay for it.... Read more

Zoning Laws Hurt the Poor the Most

The increased costs, monetary and otherwise, associated with zoning restrictions falls most heavily on the lowest end of the income spectrum.... Read more

The Hidden Hold Up to American Innovation

American innovators shouldn’t need permission slips to create something helpful to consumers.... Read more

Economics Lessons for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is becoming increasingly desperate to recapture the momentum he once had. All he can do now is point the finger of blame at a growing li... Read more

How We Know California's New Rent Control Law Will Make Its Housing Shortage Worse

Rent controls propose using government regulation to solve the symptom—high prices—of a problem—a shortage of housing—which government regulation creat... Read more

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