Cartel Sieges Leave Mexicans Wondering if Criminals Run the Country

The Cartel attacks, some carefully planned and executed, have made the Mexican government appear weak on organized crime.... Read more

Why Kanye West Is Leaving California and Taking Yeezy With Him

For entrepreneurs and visionaries, California’s regulatory climate is more than just frustrating—it’s innovation-killing.... Read more

What High-Tax Europe Really Looks Like

A new report outlines how intrusive Europe's high taxes are on the work life of its citizens. Is this what Americans want?... Read more

Misconceptions Still Drive Socialism

Socialism was, is, and will continue to be a failure in everything except keeping people behind walls, iron curtains, and barbed wire.... Read more

Why a Computer Will Never be Truly Conscious

Many advanced AI projects say they are working toward building a conscious machine, but is consciousness computable?... Read more

Report: 80,000 Illegals Held Arrest Records Before DACA Admission

Thousands of illegal Immigrants who successfully enrolled in DACA programs carry potentially dangerous criminal records.... Read more

Thankful for the Flying Nuns

We are so often thankful for the veterans who keep us physically safe. We need to be more thankful for those who keep our souls safe as well.... Read more

Solar Panels Produce Tons of Toxic Waste—Literally

A closer look at solar panels opens a wide array of questions that need answers.... Read more

How Gene Edited White Blood Cells Help Fight Cancer

For the first time in the United States, gene editing tools were used to treat advanced cancer in three patients, showing promising early results.... Read more

Update: David Daleiden Vs. Planned Parenthood Case Set Before A Jury

The hearing for Planned Parenthood vs. Center for Medical Progress has concluded, and will now go before a jury.... Read more

Inoculating Our Children Against Socialism

10 suggestions to better educate your children about the dangers of socialism. ... Read more

Health Care Workers Wanted: Veterans Need you to Work at a VA Hospital

Currently thousands of job openings in the VA exist across the country for physicians, nurses and physician assistants.... Read more

The Cost of Government Is Rising Much Faster than Housing and Healthcare

The American cost of living is driven up not only by housing and healthcare costs, but by even larger increases in tax bills and government spending.... Read more

Is the End of the Electoral College Closer Than You Think?

Two hundred seventy votes. That’s all that’s needed for state legislatures to undermine the checks and balances imposed by the Electoral College.... Read more

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Seeks Possible NFL Ownership

Billionaire Amazon Owner and CEO Jeff Bezos is interested in possibly purchasing an NFL franchise.... Read more

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