Monthly Spotlight: HeroBox Founder Ryan Housley

ryan housley

HeroBox founder and CEO, Ryan Housley, has been nominated for the Rare Life Award. This award honors those who live uniquely by helping and inspiring others around the world or in their lives. Learn more about this hero’s work below, and if you want to help him win this honor, please click here to vote.

After hearing about the hardships of being deployed from his brother, Ryan quit his job and devoted his time to start a non-profit organization that would bring aid to deployed service members.

Ryan learned during his brother’s deployment that many service members were not receiving any support from home. He also noticed that all deployed service members have specific needs depending on their gender, location and a variety of other factors. Most care packages are generic and don’t provide the items our heroes need. Ryan worked with brother to develop a web platform that would connect the American people with their heroes instantly online. Thus giving service members the ability to request specific items and providing Americans with a way to directly support the troops. was launched in May 2008 to support this vision. HeroBox now has volunteers in all 50 states who help us support tens of thousands of deployed service members each year.

Ryan’s organization has provided physical and moral support to thousands of deployed service members. Through HeroBox, citizens can connect with a service member in need, connect and talk with them directly, and send them monthly care packages through the heroes deployment. Since the founding of HeroBox in 2008, the organization has sent over 100,000 care packages to service members overseas

Personally, I admire Ryan’s devotion to his mission of bringing aid to our heroes overseas. His vision, as well along with his hard work and dedication, has impacted thousands of lives.

The money received would aid HeroBox in continuing its mission to provide every deployed service member with the physical and moral support they deserve.


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