Mutts With A Mission – Monthly Spotlight

Monthly Spotlight is starting a new “Monthly Spotlight” series. Each month we will highlight a different organization, candidate or charity that we like, and think you may like too! We will have featured articles, interviews, photos and even giveaways to raise awareness for these great causes.

During the month of August, we are shining the spotlight Mutts with a Mission. Learn about the background of this great organization below!

Angus, the dog that started it all.

In 2004, Mutts With A Mission founder, Brooke Corson, was called to Active Duty and sent to Ft. Benning. She was assigned to the 1/50 Infantry Battalion as a Supply Sergeant. While there in 2006, she acquired Angus, a Cairn Terrier puppy who went everywhere with her, as a pet.

Angus could be seen all over post. Soon Angus won the hearts of the Battalion.

Brooke started realizing the valuable impact dogs have when the Drill Sergeants started visiting Angus all of the time just to have the pup sit in their laps. No matter how their day was going, a visit with Angus was sure to make it all worth it. Soon Angus was known all over Ft. Benning.

Unfortunately, shortly after Brooke returned home off of Active Duty Angus was killed in a tragic accident. However, his legacy remains with each dog that they pair up with a Veteran!!

Mutts with a Mission founder, Brooke Corson, training a service dog.

In 2008, Brooke, her husband Joe, and brother, Keller, banded together to form Mutts With A Mission, Inc. in order to provide highly skilled Service Dogs utilizing “unwanted” dogs from shelters and rescues as well as dogs donated from breeders.

Eventually, knowing from previous experience that owner-owned dogs could be successful, Mutts With A Mission also started developing programs for these dogs. The owner-owned dogs meet the same stringent requirements as do the program trained dogs so there is no reason to expect anything but the best from the owner-owned teams.

These dogs are trained to help the veterans in some spectacular ways. These dogs can:

  • remind veterans when it’s time to take medication, and retrieve it from another room.
  • call 911, a suicide hotline, or a number programmed into a K-9 friendly speaker phone button.
  • create much-needed space in crowded areas, or alert the veteran to people coming up behind them.
  • open the door for emergency personnel by tugging a lever on the door.
  • push wheelchairs, turn on lights, or help veterans navigate stairs with greater ease.
  • wake up a veteran from a nightmare by licking them.

Most importantly they can provide veterans suffering from PTSD with uncompromising love 24 hours per day.

Through Mutts with a Mission, Brooke wants to return to America’s veterans the independence they sacrificed while serving our country. She said “I’ve done what I set out to do, but it’s never enough. Want to keep going. I want to help as many of my fellow veterans and wounded warriors as I can.”