Navy SEAL: Rep. Wilson is “Disgraceful”

rob oneill

The former Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden, Rob O’Neill, joined Fox & Friends to discuss ISIS and Rep. Wilson.

He explains U.S.-backed forces defeating ISIS in Raqqa is a massive accomplishment, but slams the media for not covering it.”They don’t want to cover it because it’s something good for the administration. The President has been in office a few months, and ISIS has been destroyed.”

O’Neill praises the president’s aggressive strategy stating “President Trump put the right people in the right spots.” However, he questions the forces that knocked out ISIS now celebrating in the streets, and asks “what’s next?” We can’t allow a new violent group to fill the vacuum left by ISIS.

Next he takes on Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida, who is in the spotlight for her feud with President Trump. This started when she claimed that President Trump was insensitive towards a Gold Star family when he called to console them.

“There’s nothing more sacred than a Gold Star family,” O’Neill says. “She’s spinning it into something it shouldn’t be… there’s no way she should use a Gold Star family like this… I just feel bad for the family… The Congresswoman should leave it alone, and so should the press.”

Standing up for the president, Rob O’Neill says “Isn’t it convenient now all of a sudden the Left just loves the military… The President is very, very pro-military, but again it’s just something they are going to spin against him.”

Clearly angered by the lack of respect for the Gold Star family, O’Neill slams Democrats and the media saying “it’s a shame they’re using a Gold Star family for this. They don’t deserve it.”


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