Navy SEAL takes on Kaepernick

us navy

The U.S. Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, Rob O’Neill , bashed Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem protesters around the NFL.

“Colin Kaepernick: Where’s he playing today?” O’Neill asked, dismissing the former pro quarterback. Additionally, he pointed out the irony of Kaepernick wearing a Fidel Castro shirt while protesting discrimination.

He acknowledged his experiences growing up were different from the players’, and said they have a right to protest, but the way they’re protesting is poorly thought out. He suggested kneeling after the anthem, or wearing a black glove, but said protesting the flag is a direct insult to his fellow veterans.

“I see the flag, I think of Iwo Jima, I think of Normandy,” O’Neill said. “People don’t understand what’s going on.”

At an Alabama rally, President Trump said it’d be great if NFL owners fired “sons of bitches” who took a knee during the anthem. NFL players, coaches, and owners rejected President Trump’s message for those disrespecting the flag, and called for unity.

“You can’t take a knee for the national anthem, and say ‘but I support the troops.’ No you don’t! It doesn’t matter what color you are in Afghanistan. If you get killed, you come back in red, white and blue.”

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