NBA Finals Stars Agree Future Champ Won’t Visit White House

NBA finals Stars LeBron James and Stephen Curry agree that the champion of this year’s finals will not accept the annual white house visit.

Golden State Warriors

During the post game media conference following game 2 of the NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers super star LeBron James, was asked a question regarding President Trump’s decision to cancel the Philadelphia Eagles White House visit on Monday. To no surprise, the 15-year veteran offered his expectations, speaking for both the Cavilers and Warriors, saying the future champion will definitely decline the offer to attend the long time tradition.

In the past, both LeBron James and the Golden State Warriors have been extremely outspoken against President Trump. During the press conference, LeBron stuck to his anti-trump rhetoric saying:

“I actually just found out about it when I was walking up to the podium, I really didn’t digest it enough. It’s typical of him. I’m not surprised. Typical of him. I don’t know … I mean no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite anyways.” Said LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavilers star continued his political agenda, when he critiqued President Trump for not offering an invitation for the WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx to celebrate at the White House.

“For them not to be invited playing our beautiful game of basketball … those women are unbelievable at doing it” said James.

When Steph Curry and Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, stepped to the podium, they continued to throw shots at President Trump any way they could.

The same general questions were asked to both Curry and Kerr, but when Curry was informed about James’s answer to the future champions accepting a white house visit, he immediately agreed with LeBron James’s notions.

“I agree with [LeBron]. Pretty sure the way we handled things last year, we’d stay consistent with that.” Said Golden State Warriors PG, Stephen Curry.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr decided to take a more aggressive approach, slewing his narrow minded opinion about President Trump, and his recent decision to pull the Eagles White House celebration.

“It’s not surprising. The president has made it pretty clear he’s going to divide us, all of us for political gain. I think we all look forward to the day when we can go back to having a celebration of athletic achievement.” Said Kerr.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are the faces of the NBA. Like it or not, they are role models to our youth and can make an impact on their lives. What these stars fail to realize is that these kids looking up to them are hanging on their every word, absorbing it all like a sponge, whether they truly understand or not. These people have so much power and influence, but continue to cause problems between the President and major role models in our world.

Instead of adding fuel to the fire or throwing low blows, these “role models” need to work with our president to better our society as a whole. Organize sit downs and discussions that will help highlight problems, and find solutions to better the overall relationship between our President and our influencing role models.

Instead of talking trash from the sidelines, get in the game and help the world grow and become a better place.