North Korea to Consider Denuclearization Thanks to President Trump

North Korea USA

The administration announced Thursday that the United States, South Korea, and North Korea have been discussing possible denuclearization of North Korea. In order to improve relations among the countries, President Trump will meet with Kim Jong-un by May 2018. The meeting would mark a historic meeting between the two leaders.

Although this meeting will be extremely complicated, it has largely vindicated President Trump’s harsh words for North Korea. Many in the media believed his brash treatment of Kim Jong-un would lead to war, but this announcement signals that his strategy may have worked.

Congressman Jim Banks, the most recently deployed member of Congress, and a member of the House Armed Services Committee joined Fox News to discuss the announcement about North Korea:

The concession that [Kim Jong-un] is making, wanting to meet with the American President, is a concession that everything that Donald Trump has done since January 20, 2017, has worked to get us to this point.

Our ultimate goal is the denuclearization and the dismantling of the nuclear program in North Korea, and if some talks along the way can lead us in that direction, that’s a good thing, not just for America, but for the world.

The very fact that [Kim Jong-un] wants to have those discussions means that we’re on the right track, and the diplomatic isolation that we’ve led them to has been a healthy part of that process.

The fact that President Obama and his administration largely ignored North Korea and their build-up of nuclear weapons and of ICBM capabilities that could reach the United States or many of our allies. The very fact that the last president ignored what was going on in North Korea. And from day 1 this president has put pressure on North Korea in the opposite direction, the president has largely been vindicated.

But the sanctions that this Congress has passed as well, has helped lead the way to where we are today where [Kim Jong-un] has come out conceding that the diplomatic isolation of these tough sanctions on North Korea put enough pressure on them to lead us to this point should be welcomed.