Obama’s Watergate: Democrat Party in Shambles in Year 8


The media loves to report that President Obama is enjoying some of the best approval numbers of his presidency and beat the drum daily that he’s popular with a majority of Americans.  Despite the fact the polls are sampling adults and not voters, while also ignoring less favorable polls like Rasmussen over more favorable polls such as Gallup and ABC/Washington Post, once again the media is burying the lead.

When Barack Obama leaves office in January, he leaves behind a Democratic party that has been absolutely decimated nationally. Outside of holding the White House, voters have been abandoning the President’s party in droves. In fact, no party has been in worse shape across the board since Republicans dealt with the devastating aftermath of Watergate.

Currently the GOP has 31 governorships to the Democrats 18. Those numbers get even worse for the Democrats on the state legislative level.  Republicans currently have full control of 31 state legislatures, Democrats control 11, and 8 are split. When looking at total control of state government, where a party controls both the governorship and the entire legislature, the GOP has a more to 3 to 1 advantage, 23 to 7. As of March 2015 the Republicans gained over 900 seats on the state legislative level since 2010 alone.

Factoring in Republican control of both chambers of Congress and the Democrats’ slim to nonexistent hopes of taking control of either the House or Senate, the Obama presidency’s total takedown of the Democrat party has been one of the most ignored stories of the 2016 campaign season.