October Monthly Spotlight: Southeastern Legal Foundation

southeastern legal foundation

TheLead.com is starting a new “Monthly Spotlight” series. Each month we will highlight a different organization, candidate or charity that we like, and think you may like too! We will have featured articles, interviews, photos and even giveaways to raise awareness for these great causes.

During the month of September, we will highlight Southeastern Legal Foundation. Learn about this amazing charity below, or on their website!

Founded in 1976, Southeastern Legal Foundation is a national constitutional public interest law firm and policy center on the front lines advocating limited government, individual liberties, and the free enterprise system in the courts of law and public opinion. Their mission is to engage in litigation and public policy advocacy in support of these principles.They look for cases in which their involvement can make a difference, not just to the parties involved, but also on the policies or issues that are in dispute.southeastern legal foundation

They believe that the U.S. Constitution is a complete document, creating limits on government. When government — federal, state and local — goes beyond the constitutional limits, they are there to enforce constitutional limitations. They are not a single-issue organization; rather, they are a conservative public interest law firm and policy center dedicated to creating binding legal precedent and positive public policy change for all Americans.

They are currently in the process of challenging one of former President Obama’s worst decisions — his redefinition of the “Waters of the United States” or WOTUS. The old definition of WOTUS covered navigable waterways and closely related bodies of water — those things related to commerce as defined in Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution. Under the new WOTUS rule put forward under Obama, the EPA is claiming the unprecedented power to regulate almost ALL waters, everywhere — not just navigable waters.

It means the federal government will have the power to regulate farmers because rainwater runs between their crops. And factory owners will be buried in red tape because there’s not one of them that’s not “near” a river, stream, creek or brook. The EPA is even claiming the power to regulate puddles in your backyard because that water “eventually” flows into a river. That includes nearly every square foot of the total U.S. homeland, including your property and mine!

SLF will be arguing their case against the EPA in front of the Supreme Court later this month. Since this case is so important, we chose to shine the our monthly spotlight on Southeastern Legal Foundation.

To learn more about Southeastern Legal Foundation, please click here.