Oscars: Celebrities Push Gun Safety, While Protected by 500 Armed Officers

On Sunday LAPD assigned 500 armed security officers to surround the Oscars venue and protect "gun control celebrities."


The celebrities of Hollywood have recently used their elevated platforms, to speak out and support gun control in America on Sunday, during the 90th Academy Awards. These celebrities will Tweet, post Instagram pictures, make YouTube video’s and lecture us during their speeches, all to further push an anti-gun movement in our country. The ironic thing about these celebrities is the fact that they are deemed by our society as an extreme priority of protection. So much of a priority, that the venue that held the Oscars on Sunday, the Dolby Theater, was completely surrounded by 500 Los Angles Police Department ARMED officers. On a night where celebrity after celebrity bashed our country’s leaders, along with pushing anti-gun rhetoric.

Several Hollywood celebrities even strutted down the red carpet, sporting orange pins, these pins specifically are in support of gun control. The organization behind the orange pins is the advocacy group Everytown, the group was founded by Michael Bloomberg and has become very popular with numerous Hollywood celebrities. Even the celebrities who make millions of dollars a year off the use of firearms and gun violence played by their characters in movies.

The 500 Armed security guards, set up a perimeter around the venue, pulling out all the stunts to do so, using road closures, barricades and even setting up a 10-foot wall to help secure the event. FBI agents were present on the scene, along with firefighters on standby, LAPD police helicopters were seen flying above keeping watch. This is not to mention the presence of private security inside the venue, these people are armed and used as hired help by the same celebrities calling for ridiculous gun control laws all night long.

“We have these concentric rings of security that start in the middle and radiate outward,” said LAPD Commander Blake Chow. “We have a lot of officers in fixed posts and foot beats keeping an eye on the event.”

“There’s definitely going to be an extensive police presence,” LAPD Officer Luis Garcia

I guess these celebrities are the only group of people who deserve the level of armed security, not our everyday law abiding citizen and not even the innocent children in our schools.

The rich and famous continually disrespect the people who support them, only to hurt themselves. The people are waking up and taking action, refusing to listen to these so-called “important people” spit slanderous speech against our president and our rights that were put forth by our founding fathers. This was evident when the early ratings were released from the 90th Academy Awards.

Variety reports that the “8 p.m.-11 p.m. portion of ABC’s telecast averaged an 18.9 household rating and 32 shares in Nielsen’s metered-market overnight ratings … That’s down about 16% from the 22.5/37 rating generated by the 2017 Oscars.”

According to Deadline, the “18.9 appears to be an all-time low for the Oscars, below the previous low ratings point for the Oscars, logged with the 2008 telecast (21.9).”

The Hollywood elites will continue to contradict themselves, they will continue to think like sheep following their liberal Sheppard’s thoughts. The American people will continue to realize that these celebrities are just puppets on a string, puppets that are controlled by the extreme left. Hollywood will continue to discredit themselves, and their facade will eventually fade and be exposed by the people who really make a difference, the average American citizen.