Bernie Sanders is a Bad Economist: Housing Market Edition

Bernie Sanders's proposed "House Fixing tax" would not only destroy flippers and their home buying customers but also landlords and tenants as well.... Read more

America: Ripe for Communist Revolution?

Are we on the verge of seeing the popularity of Democratic Socialism morph into the new world of Communism 2.0?... Read more

Property Rights Are What Separate Humans from the Animal Kingdom

As Adam Smith noted, dogs do not have property rights, as do humans.... Read more

Inching Towards Abundant Water: New Progress in Desalination Tech

Teams of scientists around the world are making incremental progress, slowly moving us towards a water-abundant world.... Read more

Lebron James and the NBA Defends Communist China

NBA star LeBron James supports communist China, criticizes “uneducated Rockets GM” over pro free speech tweet.... Read more

The World's Least-Free Countries Reveal Just How Much "Socialism Sucks"

Socialist tyrants were the greatest mass murderers in history, and the young must be apprised of this melancholy fact.... Read more

The Ugandan Miracle of a Market-Driven Charity

This charity utilizes a market-based approach to get people invested in their own success, while reducing child and infant mortality rates.... Read more

Lindsey Graham Claims President Trump Abandoned Kurdish Allies

Rep. Senator Lindsey Graham Criticizes President Trump on U.S. withdraw from Northern Syria. ... Read more

How Cronyism Created NYC's Taxi Medallion Bubble

AOC is supporting a bailout of crony capitalism...... Read more

Why Families With Children Should Consider Owning a Pet

In today's world it's important to remember pets are an addition to a family, not a replacement.... Read more

‘Let’s Eat the Babies!?’

Is it time to start cannibalizing the young? Or should we eat them a bit later on in life?... Read more

About That Che T-Shirt

Think twice about adding a Che Guevara T-shirt to your Christmas giving this year.... Read more

The FDA’s Outdated Standards Make Shopping for Healthy Food More Confusing

Bureaucrats at the FDA would be wise to take a more holistic approach to nutrition... Read more

Climate Protest Goes Sadly Awry

The most recent protest was staged by climate activists in Great Britain. But their plans didn’t quite work out the way they thought they would. ... Read more

The Difference Between Regulated Markets and Free Markets

What exchanges take place, and which do not, is affected by how markets are regulated. Black markets and regulated markets have different outcomes than... Read more

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