2019 Was a Bad Year for 'Only Cops Should Have Guns'

Despite the best attempts of left-leaning media sources to say otherwise, 2019 has proven that lawful gun owners are a positive good for America.... Read more

Manhattan Whole Foods’ Homeless 'Policy' Endangers Others

"Woke" culture is dehumanizing people by removing all expectations from them, and casting people into indifference and callousness.... Read more

Breaking a Bad Habit Starts With Silence

Many of us make New Year's resolutions to kick a bad habit. Here's one thing you'll need to learn do to have a high chance of success in 2020.... Read more

NJ Governor Signs Bill Allowing Illegals to Acquire Driver Licenses

Democratic NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver licenses.... Read more

Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich Don't Just Want to Tax the Rich, They Want to Abolish Billionaires

The American Left used to argue that we needed higher taxes on the rich so they would "pay their fair share." Nowadays, they are arguing that billionai... Read more

Fighting Loneliness During the Holidays

Americans are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness, and at no time is that more presently felt than during the holidays, especially for older America... Read more

5 Quotes From Trump’s Impeachment Letter That Made History

President Trump's scathing letter to Speaker Pelosi might just find its place in history. Here are five of the letter's best quotes as we race towards ... Read more

The 10 Worst State Laws Proposed and Passed in 2019

If you think silly and arbitrary bans are a thing of the past, think again.... Read more

Democratic Candidates Want Abortion Drug Sold Over The Counter

Democratic presidential candidates want to increase abortions by allowing over the counter sale of RU-486 drugs.... Read more

Are Human Rights Real?

Human rights are not synonymous with the laws protecting them. They are the first principles on which those laws are based.... Read more

Stressed over Finals? There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's easy to despair over finals, but what comes next for you can be awesome if you make it so.... Read more

3 Lessons From Coach Vince Lombardi

As Lombardi’s coaching life attests, there could be no greater purpose in life than helping human beings rise to their full potential.... Read more

LinkedIn Says These Are the Top 10 Startups of 2019

Many of these startups will make it. Some likely will not. Perhaps one will go on to become the next Apple, Amazon, or Standard Oil.... Read more

No-Hassle Holidays: A Fun and Easy Way to Give Gifts

No wrapping, no worrying, no fuss. Just fun.... Read more

Teacher Unions Destroy School Accountability

The Clark County School District evaluated itself and determined that all teachers and administrators are doing a great job —and by the way, the union ... Read more

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