How This GPS App Uses Incentives To Overcome The Bystander Effect

Ultimately, many people acting in their own self-interest help add value to society at large.... Read more

City of Chicago Instructs Police Not to Help DHS With Illegal Alien Arrests

The Chicago police department received a memo instructing officers not to cooperate with DHS immigration arrests.... Read more

The Will to Power: Welcome to Our New Paradigm

If and when the belief underlying the old order is gone, the structure can and will be annihilated.... Read more

How the War on Meat Threatens Your Health and Freedom

As long as we selectively support the right of ownership in our body, there is no right of ownership in our body.... Read more

CPB Awards Contracts to Build 65 Miles of New Border Wall

Customs and Border Protection (CPB) provided two contracts to build 65 miles of barriers along Texas-Mexico border.... Read more

What SEALs and Caesar Teach About Slowing Down

It's hard to slow down, but doing so is a lesson as old as the Roman Empire. ... Read more

For Male Students, Technical Education in High School Boosts Earnings After Graduation

Could a high quality and specialized technical education in high school make a difference?... Read more

No, Slavery Did Not Make America Rich

The historical record of the post-war economy demonstrates slavery was neither a central driving force of, or economically necessary for, American econ... Read more

Trump, Greta, and the Faint Heartbeat of American Humor

A few people still know how to laugh at themselves and others.... Read more

Early Starts in School Lead to Higher Rates of ADHD Diagnoses

Youthful exuberance should be valued and encouraged, not pathologized.... Read more

What Terrorists and Minneapolis Street Gangs Have in Common

Minneapolis has witnessed a spike in muggings by gangs of violent criminals who steal from beaten victims.... Read more

Hong Kong Protests Highlight Failings of UK-China Agreement 35 Years In

The protests in Hong Kong are showing the cracks of the Sino-British Joint Declaration which was signed 35 years ago.... Read more

Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: Is the Conventional Wisdom Wrong?

What rings true intuitively isn't always backed up by the numbers.... Read more


The Government! What is it? Where is it? what does it do? what ought it to do?... Read more

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien Wanted For California Homicide

ICE arrests three-time deported Illegal Mexican national wanted for Anaheim, California homicide.... Read more

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