Rent Control: A History of Failure

Rent controls are a recipe for less housing, and unaffordable rents. At least for most people.... Read more

The Meat-Packing Myth

There is a myth that Progressive humanitarians agitated for meat-packing regulations which now protect us from disease.... Read more

Real Hope and Change: It Begins With Us

Everybody keeps demanding change, and all the politicians promise change. Why is so little actually changing?... Read more

Zoning Laws Hurt the Poor the Most

The increased costs, monetary and otherwise, associated with zoning restrictions falls most heavily on the lowest end of the income spectrum.... Read more

How Small States Lose When They Abandon the Electoral College

Why do small states keep signing up to give away their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote? ... Read more

My Life as a Terrorist

With the way that TSA has been for a while, and the way that San Francisco is now, one wonders what would happen to an NRA member flying into the city.... Read more

How We Know California's New Rent Control Law Will Make Its Housing Shortage Worse

Rent controls propose using government regulation to solve the symptom—high prices—of a problem—a shortage of housing—which government regulation creat... Read more

The 8 Fastest Disappearing Jobs in America

Innovation moves the world forward, but not painlessly.... Read more

Rep. Ilhan Omar Compares U.S. Detention Centers to Slave Camps

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar compares U.S. immigration detention centers to African slave camps.... Read more

There's Nothing Natural About Socialism

Democratic socialists are committed to destroying the voluntary and naturally-occurring relationships that develop in the marketplace among consenting ... Read more

What Modern Democratic Socialists Can Learn from F.A. Hayek

The realization of the socialist programs mean the destruction of American freedom.... Read more

Fake Meat Is Just Part of the Movement Toward Artificial Everything

In the brave new world of artificial everything, anything is possible.... Read more

Like Most Government Central-Planning Schemes, Zoning Laws Raise the Cost of Living

Rising property values are nice for those who own property, but they raise the barriers to home ownership and business startups for everybody else.... Read more

President Trump Earns Big Win in 9th Circuit Court on Asylum Rule

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hands President Trump a massive win with proposed asylum rule.... Read more

Illegal Alien Arrested With Enough Fentanyl to Kill 500,000 Americans

An illegal alien was arrested and sentenced to prison after attempting to traffic massive amounts of fentanyl into the United States.... Read more

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