3 Harmful Ideas That Are Weakening My Generation

A world immersed in paranoid concerns of safety distorts one's outlook, which is detrimental to the ability to function and thrive.... Read more

How Much Can One Person Accomplish in a Day?

When we humans apply ourselves in a given day there's an untold amount of things we can accomplish.... Read more

Kids and Sexuality: Enough Is Enough

From Drag Queen Story Hour to swimming pool locker rooms, our culture has lost the idea of childhood innocence.... Read more

Life After Flight from Castro’s Cuba

It's difficult to leave your country and start a new life, the repressive regime in Cuba made that choice much easier for thousands of people.... Read more

Russia Banned From 2020 Olympics Over PED Scandal

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) concluded Russia will be banned from world competition.... Read more

When the Communists Abolished the Weekend

By abolishing the weekend, the Soviets were in one move able to strike a blow against both families and religious institutions.... Read more

The Spanish-American War: When Liberation Became Oppression

Prior to the Spanish-American War, Americans had followed George Washington’s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements.... Read more

Breaking: David Daleiden's Criminal Trial Will Proceed

David Daleiden and the CMP team have finally been handed down their fate by an egregiously biased judiciary.... Read more

Shots Fired: Some Thoughts on Guns and Gun Control

The minds of those who shoot up schools, who gun down shoppers at WalMart, or who live in a state of daily rage, are not intact.... Read more

Robotics Researchers Have a Duty to Prevent Autonomous Weapons

Our ever-growing appetite for intelligent, autonomous machines poses a host of ethical challenges.... Read more

How This Jamaican Immigrant Went from Part-Time Cashier to VP of Home Depot

Learn from Ann-Marie: hustle hard, stay humble, be curious, and share the journey with others.... Read more

8 Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Don’t let the relief and relaxation wipe out your opportunities to grow.... Read more

Socialist Policies Have Piqued American Interests Before

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others may be pushing socialism today, but they're far from the first American politicians to do so.... Read more

6 Things We Learned from Prohibition

Just over 100 years ago the National Prohibition Act became law. It outlawed the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the Un... Read more

The Contradiction of the Negligent ‘Helicopter Parent’

Helicopter parents are widely discussed, but do we overlook the ways that these hovering moms and dads neglect their kids?... Read more

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