The Amazon Fire Alarm Is Unwarranted

The misinformation about the Amazon fires is a telling example of climate apocalypse rhetoric in the United States and Europe.... Read more

What Is a Washingtonian Foreign Policy?

What exactly are American interests? What unifies our foreign policy? ... Read more

‘Get Your Guns, Boys! They’re Robbing the Bank!’

Are we willing to sacrifice “wokeness” or virtue signaling in order to cut through the haze and tread the path of common sense?... Read more

The Myth That Our Planet Faces an Overpopulation Crisis

The world is not in danger of being overpopulated, so why do so many insist it is?... Read more

4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

Current climate predictions can be terrifying if you don't know about the previous dire climate claims that amounted to nothing.... Read more

Bernie Sanders Claims Abortion Helps Combat Climate Change

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders supports Abortion as a means to control human population.... Read more

Could the Green New Deal Create More Climate Victims Than It Saves?

Economic prosperity and climate security cannot be considered in isolated compartments.... Read more

Brazilian Socialism Shows Us How Not To Take Care of Forests

Brazil's longtime disregard for property rights has shown us how not to manage forest lands. Calls for government solutions to forest fires do nothing... Read more

On Labor Day, Think Twice about Thanking Unions

The real explanation for the rising incomes of workers over the past decades has little to do with either unions or government regulations.... Read more

Rep. Ilhan Omar Demands United Nations Take Control of U.S. Border Crisis

Rep. Ilhan Omar demanded the U.S. to relinquish control of the U.S.-Mexico border to the United Nations.... Read more

How Property Rights Can Help Preserve the Amazon Rainforest

When something is owned by everyone, it is owned by no one.... Read more

Bar Mob Assaults Portland Man For Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat

Oregon man gets sucker punched for wearing his “MAGA” hat by mobs of people outside a Portland bar.... Read more

How Women Got the Vote: You Might Be Surprised

The history of the 19th Amendment isn't as well known as one would hope. The party that backed women's suffrage the most ardently might surprise some p... Read more

Guns Prevent Thousands of Crimes Every Day, Research Shows

Liberty isn’t the only thing likely to be lost when gun laws are passed to appease emotions over reason, evidence, logic, and rights.... Read more

Feral Pigs Harm Wildlife and Biodiversity as well as Crops

Feral pigs cause millions of dollars in crop damage yearly and harbor dozens of pathogens that threaten humans and pets, as well as meat production sys... Read more

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