Philadelphia Eagles Accept June 5th Date for White House Visit

The Philadelphia Eagles officially accepted President Trump's invitation to visit the White House as Super Bowl champions on June 5th.

White House

With the Philadelphia Eagles winning Super Bowl LII, the longtime franchise finally got to bring their first Lombardi Trophy to the City of Brotherly Love. The NFL franchise will continue on the long lasting tradition, and officially accept President Trump’s White House visit invitation.

The organization has set the official date of the visit for Tuesday, June 5th, 2018.

Couch Doug Pederson confirmed the June 5th visit date with media following the start of OTA practices on Tuesday.

“I’m excited to be going to be honored as world champions. It’s a great honor. We’re still working through some logistics right now, so we don’t have all the details today, but excited to be going.”

Some Philadelphia Eagles players made sure their voices were heard, and their decision of boycotting the White House visit publicly known. Coach Pederson kept the peace and decided to make the visit an “individual decision” for each player’s attendance.

“It’s [on] an individual basis. It’s one of those things, we’re working through a ton of things, but we understand it’s an individual decision.” Said Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson.

The Eagles star quarterback Carson Wentz definitely understands the honor in this opportunity, and plans on attending the official White House visit as long as some of his teammates go.

Wentz made it clear that the Eagles decision on attending, has nothing to do with President Trump, or politics at all. He plans on celebrating the Super Bowl win with his teammates, and enjoying the tradition and honor of the White House visit.

“For me, personally, if the team decides as a whole, most guys want to go or be a part of it, I’ll be attending with them,”

“I think it’s just a cool way to receive the honor nationally and be recognized. I don’t personally view it – I know some people do; everyone has their opinion on it – I don’t view it as a political thing whatsoever. I don’t mess with politics very often. But I will be involved in going. The rest of the details will be coming out soon.” Said Eagles QB Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles remain one of the NFL’s most active teams in terms of promoting and supporting social issues. It comes to no surprise that some Eagle players will choose to skip the visit, star players like safety Malcolm Jenkins, defensive end Chris Long and wide receiver Torey Smith made it abundantly clear that they will not be attending strictly due to politics.

It’s truly disappointing to see some of the Eagles players cannot put aside their narrow minded views, and just realize this opportunity is bigger than one man. It is a shame that some players cannot remove politics from the situation, and enjoy the fact that this visit is a celebration, a celebration of their hard work and success, nothing more or nothing less.

What is worth of being proud of is the Philadelphia Eagles as an organization in general. They stepped up during a divisive time in America and realized the great opportunity their franchise has. Getting to celebrate their Super Bowl championship with the President of the United States, inside the most prestigious building in the world, while carrying on a long lasting tradition is important and needs to be recognized.

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