Philadelphia Eagles Use their Super Bowl Platform to Praise the Word of God

The Philadelphia Eagles, a football team with a deep bond of faith, and their super bowl win epitomized that.


All season long, the Philadelphia Eagles have been an outspoken franchise on the fact that their faith plays a powerful role in their success. The Eagles after the 41 to 33 victory over the New England Patriots, used their massive platform to give glory to God and praise the name of Jesus Christ.

During the trophy presentation, MVP Nick Foles, tight-end Zach Ertz and the Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, stepped to the pedestal and opened up their speeches with mentions of the importance of faith. Foles called the moment the clock struck zeros as “Truly unbelievable!” and gave “All glory to God” after the win.

Tight-end Zach Ertz during his post-game interview said, “Glory to God, first and foremost.” Then followed with “We wouldn’t be here without Him.” Coach Doug Pederson when asked how he could explain that only ten years ago he was coaching high school football and now has risen to the pinnacle of professional coaching, he answered with “I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me this opportunity.”

The Eagles as a team overall, embraced the underdog role all season long, they accredit their faith as playing a huge role in helping with their success. Within the locker room, they had players from all walks of life, each taking a separate journey to make the team. In the summer during training camp, players sought for an outlet to come together as a team, they used the power of their faith to achieve it.

The Philadelphia players and staff have the opportunity for “Chapel time” which is a small church service for the players and others in the organization. Multiple times of week the team has bible studies, which are led by players on the team after practices.  They even get together the night before every game and pray as a team, for strength, guidance, and perseverance.

With this type of outreach of faith displayed by the team, really helped bring the players together and truly developed a bond that can never be broken. The team even hired its own “Chaplin,” who conducts weekly services, he even baptized three separate players in the Eagles facility during the duration of the season.

At the core of the faith-driven Philadelphia Eagles, is their leader, Quarterback Carson Wentz. A star athlete and quarterback whose Christian motto is that he plays for an “Audience of one”. He has always been outspoken about his faith and credits all of his success to god, he even delivers sermons in his free time during the offseason. Carson Wentz and Nick Foles both have plans to become pastors after their time in the NFL is up.

The majority of people would agree, these types of players are role models, they are the type of players you want your children watching and learning from. The type of people you want being the face of not only the organization, but one of the faces of the NFL.

Not glorifying players and protests that disrespect our county and our brave brother and sisters fighting to protect us every day. The focus of fame shouldn’t be on the players and the organizations showing blatant signs of disrespect to our nation’s military members and their families. It should be focused on genuine, humble, dedicated and kind-hearted people.

The Philadelphia Eagles have shown that faith is still very important to so many people, they are an example of how faith can strengthen a bond and bring people together from all walks of life doesn’t matter your race or upbringing.