Political Hot Potato: Medicaid Reform Divides GOP

by David Grasso, GenFKD

One of the biggest budget line items at every level of government is healthcare, and that’s why significant Medicaid reform is at the top of the GOP’s agenda right now. In Washington D.C., there is a lot of momentum for reforming Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare now that the GOP occupies the White House and both houses of congress.

Medicaid is connected to the potential repeal of Obamacare because it is another government policy that provides healthcare coverage for millions. President Barack Obama’s signature law also set the stage for Medicaid expansion.

There are several schools of thought on Medicaid. During the Obama era, Medicaid was expanded significantly, and some Republican governors jumped on the bandwagon. The prevailing ideas being floated now are more conservative: cut funding significantly to balance the federal budget.

However, this could mean deep cuts and loss of coverage for tens of millions of people, many of whom voted for Trump and were promised that they would not lose coverage

Medicaid 101

Medicaid and Medicare are the two largest healthcare entitlement programs in the United States; one covers healthcare for the poor, and the other…

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