We Really Do Need More Prayers


Whenever there is a tragedy in the U.S. two things tend to happen. Those on the right offer condolences in the form of prayers. The left, on the other hand, exposes its true feelings concerning religion.

The left always quips that prayers don’t do anything, or that God should’ve stopped the bullets. This reaction reveals two things about the left’s view of religion.

First, this response reveals that they don’t care that much about religion. They love to claim to be devout Christians when campaign season rolls around, but that is clearly just an act for the voters. Anyone who’s faithful truly believes in the power of prayer, so for them to scoff at the idea of prayer shows their disdain for the religion as a whole.

Second, they miss the point of the religious right’s calls for more prayer. Although God, in his omnipotence, could halt bullets, that is not what we’re calling for. God gives us free will, which is a great blessing, but this also includes the freedom to commit evil.

When conservative Christians ask for more prayer following a tragedy, we aren’t calling for God to restrict free will, we are calling to instill Judeo-Christian values back into our society.

There has been a constant shift towards secularism in society lately. Many people in the United States no longer want a “freedom of religion,” but a freedom from it. Since our society and morality are rooted in Judeo-Christian values, when we move away from those values in society, we risk losing morality altogether.