NJ Educators Test Lesson Plans on LGBTQ History During Holocaust Teaching

New Jersey public schools test mandated LGBTQ curriculums during teaching of the Holocaust.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Drops $45 Million Investment on Pro Abortion Candidates

Planned Parenthood is preparing to elect more candidates who support unlimited abortions and those who support forcing every taxpayer to fund abortions... Read more

100 Women Were Sent to Hospitals by Abortion Facilities in 2019

At least 100 women were transported to a hospital as a result of an abortion in 2019.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Lost 400,000 Donors Last Year

This year it was revealed that Planned Parenthood lost almost half a million individual donors last year.... Read more

DOJ Says Equal Rights Amendment Is Dead

DOJ opinion helps the pro-life cause, as the ERA is actually about legalizing abortion up until the moment of birth.... Read more

Anti-Christian Blasphemy Isn’t Edgy or Brave

Porta dos Fundos and Netflix view themselves as defenders of free speech, but they aren't risking anything by poking fun at Christians.... Read more

NJ Democrat Switches Parties And Votes Pro-Life

After over 10 years in New Jersey politics as a Democrat, Jeff Van Drew formally switched parties and votes pro-life.... Read more

Hollywood Actress Claims She Needed Abortion To Succeed

Actress Michelle Williams’ claims she needed abortion to succeed during her Golden Globes speech.... Read more

Democratic Candidates Want Abortion Drug Sold Over The Counter

Democratic presidential candidates want to increase abortions by allowing over the counter sale of RU-486 drugs.... Read more

Are Human Rights Real?

Human rights are not synonymous with the laws protecting them. They are the first principles on which those laws are based.... Read more

These Insurance Plans Subsidize Abortion

Majority of Americans do not support their tax dollars being used to fund abortions.... Read more

The Spanish-American War: When Liberation Became Oppression

Prior to the Spanish-American War, Americans had followed George Washington’s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements.... Read more

Breaking: David Daleiden's Criminal Trial Will Proceed

David Daleiden and the CMP team have finally been handed down their fate by an egregiously biased judiciary.... Read more

It's Time to Stop Hating on ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

There are plenty of candidates for the worst Christmas song. "Mary, Did You Know" should not be one of them.... Read more

Anti-Life, Anti-First Amendment Kamala Harris Drops Out of Presidential Race

Kamala Harris, who serves the interests of the abortion lobby over the Constitution, announced she is ending her failing presidential campaign.... Read more

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