Planned Parenthood Shuts Down In Michigan

Another Planned Parenthood facility has closed, this time in Saginaw, Michigan.... Read more

What Brandt Jean Taught About Forgiveness

During Amber Guyger's murder conviction, Brandt Jean, the victim's brother taught us all an important lesson about mercy.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Secretly Builds Abortion Facility in Illinois

The last Missouri abortion facility in St. Louis, is currently running without a license, awaiting final decision from an administrative hearing commi... Read more

19,000 SB24 Veto Petitions Land on California Governor

Students for Life America partnered with California pro-life organizations to deliver 19,000 handwritten petitions opposing SB 24 to the office of Gove... Read more

Trump Appointed Judge Attacked Over College Comments

Trump's Judicial nominee to the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals remains criticized over 2001 abortion comments.... Read more

Good News! Abortions Are At The Lowest Rate Since 1973

A recent report finds the rate of abortions in the U.S. have plunged to their lowest levels since the procedure became legal in 1973.... Read more

Real Hope and Change: It Begins With Us

Everybody keeps demanding change, and all the politicians promise change. Why is so little actually changing?... Read more

Leana Wen Accuses Planned Parenthood Of Being Abusive Organization

Former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen accused Planned Parenthood of being a disrespectful and abusive organization.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Has Infiltrated California's Government

California Legislature has seen an important shift in the process of SB 24.... Read more

The Top 4 Issues Democrats Drag Abortion Into

Democrat presidential candidates have showed us a dark trend...they drag abortion into everything!... Read more

Bernie Sanders Claims Abortion Helps Combat Climate Change

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders supports Abortion as a means to control human population.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Accuses Citizen Journalist of Participating in Organized Crime

Planned Parenthood’s case against CMP is bogus and fueled by the resentment of being caught producing evil acts.... Read more

The Difference Between Classical and Traditional Education

What is it that sets classical education apart from the traditional schooling? ... Read more

Self-Esteem: Not the Virtue We Think It Is

Is humility worth defending?... Read more

Kamala Harris Persecuted Pro-Life Activists As Attorney General

Kamala Harris used the power of her office to unethically target pro-life whistleblowers David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.... Read more

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