"Bachelor" Creator Tries to Force Abortion on Wife

This past Fourth of July weekend wasn’t all picnics and fireworks – at least, not for Laura Fleiss...... Read more

REPORT: Planned Parenthood Admits They Inflate Pre-Roe Deaths

A series of stunning revelations have come from the recent firing of Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen...... Read more

A Catfight in Congress: Will the 'Squad' Pull the Democrats to the Far Left?

Will Donald Trump’s recent tweets re-unite Nancy Pelosi with the “Squad” and push the Democrat party further into radical progressivism?... Read more

The Growing Tyranny of Political Correctness and Mass Media

Mass Media, Social Media, and PC culture have created an American social-policing apparatus on par with China's Social-Credit-Score System...... Read more

CHAOS! Planned Parenthood Fires Leana Wen As Organization In Turmoil

Leana Wen who has been the president of Planned Parenthood for just eight months, was recently fired by the organization...... Read more

We Went to a "Pro-Choice Power Hour" Here's What Happened

Gathered around picnic benches outside of a local St. Louis brewery, the NARAL partnered with the ACLU to host a Pro-Choice Power Hour on July 9th.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility Closes Down Because of Pro-Lifers

"In reality, the pro-life activists were providing real and accurate information, and when people hear about fetal development, they often choose life.... Read more

Bernie Sanders Says 'Medicare For All' Includes Abortion

No one doubted that these politicians were pro-abortion. But we sure got a glimpse of just how fanatical they are.... Read more

New Poll: More Americans Identify As Pro-Life

Recently, Gallup released a new poll on abortion, which shows good news for the pro-life movement...... Read more

Abortionists Fighting FDA's Attempt to Protect Women? SHOCKING.

75 abortion advocates wrote a letter to the FDA telling them that the abortion pill, RU-486, is above common regulation...... Read more

Christianity and the Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is an attack on religion, an attempt by scientists to step outside their proper sphere and disprove once and for all the existence ... Read more

Testimony: Millennial's Overwhelmingly Reject Democratic Party's Abortion Platform

Only 7% of Millennial's actually support the taxpayer-funded abortions up until the moment of birth position of the Democratic Party.... Read more

Arkansas Senator Blasts Pro-Abortion Companies

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton unloads on companies publicly supporting abortion. ... Read more

Why Do Parents Have Trouble Teaching Children Respect?

Is there value in parents taking children to fine, upscale places and having them practice being adults for a little while?... Read more

David Daleiden Fined $195,000 for Exposing Evil of Planned Parenthood

Center for Medical Progress President David Daleiden is ordered to pay $195,000 to pro-abortion opponents after exposing Planned Parenthood for baby bo... Read more

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