Remembering Those Lost in Ft. Lauderdale

America was victim to a terror attack once again this weekend, this time in Ft. Lauderdale.

And as details continue to come out about the Fort Lauderdale airport shooter, Esteban Santiago, we wanted to take a moment and remember those who we lost.

Legal Insurrection reports:

Two of the victims were an Ohio couple heading for their 51st wedding anniversary.

Tragedy struck an Ohio family when Shirley Timmons was slain and her husband critically injured during the airport attack.

The couple had flown to Fort Lauderdale on Friday to join the rest of their family for a cruise, WILE-FM ( reported.

Timmons’ grandson Steve Reineccius confirmed over Facebook that his grandmother was one of the victims and that his grandfather Steve Timmons was wounded. They were both 70 years old.

Timmons was shot in the head and underwent emergency surgery at a Fort Lauderdale hospital, where he’s in critical condition, the station reported.

Terry Andres was on his way to an extended 16-day cruise with his wife, Ann. He was killed during the rampage.

Andres, who was raised in Millville, N.J., was married to Ann for nearly four decades. He volunteered with the Oceana Volunteer Fire Department in Virginia Beach, and…

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