Side Hustles: A Budget Bandaid Fit for Everyone

by Desirae Odjick

Whether you’re a student, a full-time employee or something in between, side hustles can be the budget-booster for which you’re looking, and there are hustles to suit every situation. Seriously, thanks to the Internet and some sharing economy behemoths, you can get started earning money outside of your “regular” jobs within the hour if you really wanted.

Now, I’m not here to be idealistic about side hustles either, because other people have done a very good job explaining that a side hustle is a glamorous rebranding of “get a second job,” which is true af. Nope, I’m here to be a realist who will tell you that straight up, having an extra few dozen (or few hundred) dollars hit your bank account outside of the money you’re expecting next month is almost always a huge sigh of relief.

So whether you’re a full-time employee or a full-time student, let’s rap about how a side hustle can make your money life easier based on your current time…

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