When Sport Conquers Iranian Politics

Three prominent Iranian athletes have defected to the West in recent months. How many more will break with the tyranny in Tehran?... Read more

President Trump Receives Roaring Ovation at College Football Championship

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump receive massive applause during LSU-Clemson College Football Championship.... Read more

Bernie Sanders Wants to Kill Pro Baseball

The MLB wants to cut back the minors in order to cut losses. But Bernie Sanders has other plans that may ultimately help kill pro baseball.... Read more

3 Lessons From Coach Vince Lombardi

As Lombardi’s coaching life attests, there could be no greater purpose in life than helping human beings rise to their full potential.... Read more

Russia Banned From 2020 Olympics Over PED Scandal

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) concluded Russia will be banned from world competition.... Read more

Megan Rapinoe Begs Male Soccer Stars to Become “Political Activists”

U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe demands male soccer stars to support political activism.... Read more

Myles Garrett Claims Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slurs Prior to Helmet Brawl

Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett accused Steelers QB Mason Rudolph of using a racial slur before helmet attack.... Read more

Could Helmetless Tackling Training Reduce Football Head Injuries

With football season well underway, there already have been instances of helmet-to-helmet hits, concussions and yet another round of conversations abou... Read more

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Seeks Possible NFL Ownership

Billionaire Amazon Owner and CEO Jeff Bezos is interested in possibly purchasing an NFL franchise.... Read more

Joe Rogan Criticizes Transgender Athletes in Female Competition

Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan blasts the inclusion of transgender athletes in female competition.... Read more

Earl Campbell: Texas Needs a Black Quarterback to Become Dynasty

Texas Football Legend Earl Campbell believes UT needs a “talented black quarterback” to reclaim dynasty days. ... Read more

Mike Pence Criticizes Nike and the NBA Over Deals with China

Vice President Mike Pence denounces Nike, calling the NBA a “wholly owned subsidiary” of China.... Read more

An Antidote To Madness: The Happy Creek Coffee Shop

With the craziness that seems to surround us now, sometimes all you can do is seek the sanity of a local coffee shop.... Read more

LeBron James Echoes the American Olympic Officials Who Appeased Hitler

The Olympic attitude towards Hitler's rise parallels LeBron's attitude towards China's abuses. ... Read more

Lebron James and the NBA Defends Communist China

NBA star LeBron James supports communist China, criticizes “uneducated Rockets GM” over pro free speech tweet.... Read more

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