Joe Rogan Criticizes Transgender Athletes in Female Competition

Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan blasts the inclusion of transgender athletes in female competition.... Read more

Earl Campbell: Texas Needs a Black Quarterback to Become Dynasty

Texas Football Legend Earl Campbell believes UT needs a “talented black quarterback” to reclaim dynasty days. ... Read more

Mike Pence Criticizes Nike and the NBA Over Deals with China

Vice President Mike Pence denounces Nike, calling the NBA a “wholly owned subsidiary” of China.... Read more

An Antidote To Madness: The Happy Creek Coffee Shop

With the craziness that seems to surround us now, sometimes all you can do is seek the sanity of a local coffee shop.... Read more

LeBron James Echoes the American Olympic Officials Who Appeased Hitler

The Olympic attitude towards Hitler's rise parallels LeBron's attitude towards China's abuses. ... Read more

Lebron James and the NBA Defends Communist China

NBA star LeBron James supports communist China, criticizes “uneducated Rockets GM” over pro free speech tweet.... Read more

Transgender Athletes Unfairly Dominate UK Women’s Rugby

Biological men who identify as transgender females continue to dominate women’s rugby leagues in the UK.... Read more

Government Won't Save Us From "Woke" Corporations

The last thing we need is a government "solution" to corporate efforts to crush speech and dissenting opinions. Answers lie in the marketplace.... Read more

In New "Mind-Blowing" Study, Planting Trees Reduces Carbon Better Than Carbon Taxes

Massive tree planting would be the cheapest and most effective approach to mitigating climate change.... Read more

FS1 Co-Host Blasts Kaepernick For Using Anthem Protests to Prove ‘Blackness’

Former NFL player Marcellus Wiley criticizes Colin Kaepernick for using anthem protests to validate his “blackness.” ... Read more

Consumers Will Decide If Women's Sports Teams Get "Equal Pay"

If the fans want the women to be paid more than the men, the consumers will have to spend more on watching them...... Read more

Women’s Soccer: More Iron Horse, Less Braying

Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. women's national soccer team could learn a few lessons from Lou Gehrig...... Read more

NBA Coach Calls out Congress After ‘Racist’ Trump Tweets

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr calls on congress after Trump directs tweets at Congresswomen.... Read more

No, I Don’t Care About Women’s Soccer, Stop Nagging Me About It

The U.S. national women’s soccer team is good at two things: making divisive political statements and nagging us about not getting paid enough. ... Read more

Kaepernick Pressures Nike To Pull American Flag Shoe

Colin Kaepernick pressures Nike to remove shoes with the Betsey Ross Flag because he considers it “offensive.”... Read more

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