NFL Owner Charged with Soliciting Prostitution

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged in connection with prostitution in a Jupiter, Florida spa.... Read more

Kaepernick Demands Outrageous Contract for QB Role

Colin Kaepernick wants $20 million for AAF contract. Are you kidding me?... Read more

Browns Receive Backlash after Kareem Hunt Signing

The Cleveland Browns face backlash from Women’s groups due to Kareem Hunt signing.... Read more

Secret Service Notified about Jemele Hill Assassination Tweet

The U.S. Secret Service have been made aware of former, ESPN and current Atlantic writer, Jemele Hill’s Tweets referencing assassination during State o... Read more

NFL Endures Worst Super Bowl Ratings in Ten Years

After the smoke somewhat clears for the NFL regarding the immense amount outside controversies, they now find themselves back in the hot seat after a s... Read more

Kaepernick’s Attorney Claims NFL Owners ‘Kowtowing’ to Trump

Kaepernick and Geragos are blaming the NFL owners, along with President Trump, for being the reason why he isn’t on a current NFL roster.... Read more

NFL Condones Criminals Says Police Union

NYC Police Union describes player as a ‘wild animal' after punching NYPD sergeant in the face.... Read more

Tony Dungy, John Harbaraugh: Black QB’s are Victims of Racist Announcing

Tony Dungy and John Harbaraugh have recently claimed that black NFL QB’s are victims of coded language from broadcasters.... Read more

NASCAR Lays Off At Least 50 Employees

The NASCAR Company decided to come into the New Year with a round of layoffs that left 50-100 employees without a job. ... Read more

NFL Anthem Protester Exaggerates Drug Test Numbers to Media

Carolina Panther and known national anthem protester, Eric Reid, claimed he was treated unfairly by the NFL. Not so fast.... Read more

Sports Hosts Feud Over Firing of Black Coaches

Stephen A. Smith Upset at Mike Francesa for Believing Firing of Black NFL Head Coaches Is not a Story... Read more

NBA Legend: Fans Shouldn’t Get All-Star Vote Because Of Trump

Charles Barkley, believes fan votes shouldn’t be the deciding factor for NBA All-Star picks because they voted President Donald Trump into office.... Read more

NY Knicks Player Won’t Go To London with Team Over Fear Of Turkish President

New York Knicks center, Enes Kanter, decides not to play in international game in London due to fear of assassination over clashing political beliefs t... Read more

Christine Blasey Ford Set to Introduce Sports Illustrated Inspiration Award

Sports Illustrated stirred massive waves of political controversy after announcing, Christine Blasey Ford, will introduce its ‘2018 Inspiration of the ... Read more

WATCH: Ted Cruz Lays Into NFL Over Handling of Anthem Protest

Senator Ted Cruz slammed the NFL over the lack of effort in handling the National Anthem protest on Monday. ... Read more

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