Supertemp: How We Can Get Ready for the Oncoming “Gig Economy”

byKevin Gomez, GenFKD

The encroachment of the gig economy on our career plans has anxiety levels through the roof. We need to become adaptable yet specialized, thoughtful yet gregarious. And we definitely need to learn how to manage our finances.

The “supertemp,” coined by an author from Harvard Business Review, will be the new model for work in our near future. A study by Intuit predicts that 40 percent of the workforce will be a gig, or contingent, worker by 2020. Yikes!

Why will this be the case and how can we best prepare ourselves for a fluid labor system?

Connecting workers and businesses

Broadly, technological advances have allowed for this economy to surface because of how they connect talent with businesses that need it. Similar to how Uber cuts out the middle man and brings together people who need a ride with someone who has a car, online platforms have emerged that connect all kinds of workers with jobs.

Contently, a technology company that consults businesses in regards to branding and content, helps journalists, photographers, designers, videographers, and literally any of these types of professionals pair up with businesses in need of sprucing up their brand.

Whether businesses are looking to raise capital, expand their operations, research a particular market, or make sure they are effectively running their firm, HourlyNerd easily connects the best and brightest consultants to these projects. By comparing consultants through reviews, experience, and price, getting the right person for the job has become super easy.

The struggle of the hustle

An inconsistent stream of income is probably the number one struggle of the gig hustle. Finding stable income is hard to come by when you are contracted out to do a particular job or project. Once the project is complete, you’ve got to land another one, and then another one.

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