Chuck Schumer: Hypocrite

February 9, 2017 Editor 0

Have you felt like Democrats have been a tiny bit hypocritical by doing everything in their power to oppose President Trump’s appointments? If you’ve been looking for definitive proof, here it is! In 2013, Sen.

How did Trump Win?

November 9, 2016 Editor 0

by Tim Young Why did Trump win?  How could that have happened? In sum: The problem is that things like equal pay, gay marriage, etc. are first world problems… and much of our country has

GenFKD Interviews Editor Tim Young

October 4, 2016 Editor 0’s Editor, Tim Young recently had a chance to visit GenFKD Headquarters in New York City where he was interviewed by the team. You can watch the hilarious and entertaining interview here or by clicking on

Watch Here’s the Thing with Tim Young

October 3, 2016 Editor 0

On this week’s episode, Tim welcomes William Upton and Sasha Moss as well as the normal cast of characters making fun of the news and all things political on Here’s the Thing! This week’s episode

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