Taxpayers paid $3.6 Million for Obama to Golf with Tiger Woods

The Daily Caller is reporting this morning that in 2013, President Obama, who seems to have an addiction to playing golf, took Air Force One to Florida to play a round with Tiger Woods… costing the American taxpayers $3.6 million dollars.

‘From Feb. 15-18 in 2013, the president went on a four day trip that included an official speech in Chicago and some leisure time in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to a forthcoming report by the Government Accountability Office that was obtained early by The Daily Caller, the government spent a total of $3.6 million to fly, protect and support the president during this trip to Illinois and Florida.

The GAO report was requested by Sen. John Barrasso, a Republican senator from Wyoming. The letter was sent during the political debates of 2013 over the automatic spending cuts to government services, known as sequestration.’

In a time when government required insurance premiums are increasing exponentially and there is a real threat of tax hikes, why would anyone believe the President’s vacation was worth this much money as paid by the taxpayers themselves?

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