The Future of the GOP According to a Millennial Exclusive!

It’s easy to feel content with the status of the republican party since we currently control the White House and Congress. However, if Republicans are going to remain in power, we’ll need to adjust the party’s course to reflect millennial views.

According to a Pew Research Center poll, approximately only 22% of millennials identify as Republicans. This is compared to 34% who identify as Democrats and 41% who are Independents. The Brookings Institution found that Hillary Clinton won 55% of the millennial vote, while Trump won 37%; 19% went for a third party. These trends, coupled with the fact that millennials are the largest generation, should be troubling to the GOP.

The issue

The current Republican party has attempted to fix the country’s issues with big government programs, similar to the Democrats. They have different views on the issues, but have followed the liberal handbook of throwing money at our problems. Unfortunately for the republican establishment, millenials view the government’s role differently.

Conservative millennials take a more libertarian approach than the republican establishment or our liberal counterparts. We believe the government is not the most effective instrument for reaching our policy goals, and we must prioritize limited government and individual liberty.

We have noticed that many times, government involvement in programs makes things worse, not better. The one-size-fits-all approach the Federal Government uses to make policy changes doesn’t make sense in the United States. The nation is too big, with regions that have obvious cultural differences. A policy that works well in Los Angeles may not be the best fit for rural Kentucky. The government should relinquish some of its authority and give it back to state and local governments, or to the people themselves.

People on both sides of the aisle want to help others, but we must focus on how. Government programs often hurt the people they’re designed to help. When the government got more involved in colleges and financial aid, it drove prices up, not down. We’ve also watched how government involvement in healthcare has done little more than complicate the entire system.


The government can only do so much to create jobs. The best thing for the economy is to cut regulations and taxes, and let businessmen create jobs and wealth. This is the traditional view of GOP and they need to focus on it. The crony capitalism of some RINOs and the left artificially props up businesses, rather than allowing the market to decide who deserves our money.

Additionally, we understand the impact of a national debt nearing $20 trillion, and a social security program many don’t expect to receive. Watching the government dig a deeper hole that we’ll have to deal with is disheartening. We know that economic growth and lower spending are crucial to prevent the insurmountable situation we’re approaching.


We don’t think the government should be involved in most areas of our lives. We are tolerant of everyone and have a live and let live approach. If we aren’t hurting anyone else, then the government should stay out of our lives, rather than parenting us. Millennials have moved further away from home at a younger age than past generations. Cheap travel and the internet have given us the ability to move more freely. The government should not take the place of our parents when we move out.

We value the Constitution and know it protects our rights, not the government’s. We understand there is an important role for the federal government in society, it’s just a smaller role than it takes on now. The Republican party needs to understand the feelings of millennials and adjust accordingly, or it risks losing more young voters.