The Lead’s Morning Minute – April 17, 2018

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  • Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed as Michael Cohen’s mystery client – NBC News
    • Court Documents revealed Monday that Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal lawyer, also represented Fox News host Sean Hannity. It is still unknown why Cohen represents Hannity, and why the judge in the case made the information public. The Judge in this case was nominated by Bill Clinton to be U.S. Attorney General, but Clinton eventually withdrew her name from consideration.



  • Obama’s Justice Dept. feuded with FBI, agents quit as politics played larger role – The Washington Times
    • According to a retired FBI Agent, the Department of Justice became so political under President Obama, that many FBI agents and employees stopped following orders, and even quit. Some of the contentious topics were the public nature of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and A.G. Eric Holder pressuring the FBI to investigate local police agencies for racial and civil rights violations.




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