The Lid: Wounded Warrior Project Scandal Was Fake, But Vindication Was Not Broadcast

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The story below was sent to me by my colleague Brian Kolfage, who along with being a great American, husband, and father, is himself is a wounded warrior.  Brian was one of the people who did the investigation for this story. Many of you may remember that the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was involved in a huge scandal two years ago when led by the NY Times, the charity was accused of spending less than half of raised money on the wounded warriors themselves. Since then the accusations have been proven false, but as scandals tend do go, when they are proven to be bogus, the correction never gets as much publicity from the MSM as the scandal, The WWP has a four star rating from Charity Navigator (its highest rating) and has been audited by the Better Business Bureau.

Sadly the despite the truth, despite the fact that our wounded heroes are still being helped by the WWP donations are way down.

Please read the post below, and pass it along, so people get the good news…and also if you can afford it, give the WWP some money, so it can continue to help the Vets who need help:

By Jeff Rainforth

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) has been helping injured veterans since its inception in 2003, 2 years after the deadly terror attacks that rocked the nation on 9-11. Since its inception, the organization became the #1 veterans charity in the world. This year, WWP surpassed the 100,000 mark in terms of veterans they provide assistance to. Work the Wounded Warrior Project does has seen…

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