The Ohio State University Post-Graduate Outcomes: The Real Value of a Buckeye Degree

by Zaynah Ahmed. GenFKD

This article comes from the Campus Contributor Network. Over the course of the semester, students from across our campus outreach program will analyze their school’s finances and assess the overall return students see on their educational investments.

The Ohio State University strives to make their students’ post-graduate transitions as seamless as possible.

Employment opportunities differ for each major and skill set, making it important for the university and its colleges to provide students with specific resources in developing professional skills, combating post-graduate anxieties, providing relevant experiences and connecting them to potential employers.

Post-Graduate statistics

I looked at the Ohio State University post-graduate outcomes to determine just how well the university prepares us for our professional lives. According to a 2015-2016 post-graduate survey, 71.7 percent of students marked their intention to find paid employment and 75.8 percent of those students felt that Ohio State prepared them for their job field after college.

Employment salaries differ by major. In 2015, Ohio State’s Engineering Career Services reported average salaries ranging from $54,000-$69,800. The Fisher College of Business reports that the average salary for business school graduates is $53,641.

Information on income for graduates of other schools or areas of study was not readily available.

Getting a head start

In a 2016 career preparations survey, graduates noted the type – if any – of career preparation activity they had received prior to graduation. Of those surveyed, 68.2 percent had their resume reviewed and 48.2 percent visited a career services website and 26.7 percent had visited a career services office on campus.

Additionally, 19.2 percent participated in a mock interview. Based off these results, it’s clear that some students are missing out on the opportunities that the university provides for the students’ benefit.

Career resources

It appears that many of the resources Ohio State provides remain unknown to students or that students just aren’t making use of them.

A network of career services are accessible to students. They serve to assist students in finding an appropriate position— full-time, part-time, internship, or co-op— in relation to their career path. The online resource, Buckeye Careers Network, can connect students to such positions.

Different colleges have their own respective…

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