The U.K. is Backwards: Attacking Freedom While Letting Babies Die


The Left in America loves to look to Europe for political inspiration. They praise Europe’s progressivism for its “fantastic” socialized healthcare system, and its tolerance for all.

Although liberals would love if we followed the United Kingdom every step of the way, maybe we should look at them as more of a warning, than a guide.

Let’s paint a picture of some of their recent failures in healthcare, freedom, and tolerance:

  • It was recently revealed that more than 700 women and girls around Newcastle have fallen victim to “Grooming Gangs” in which men physically and sexually abused them. Sadly, police in the area had been refusing to pursue the assailants, and in some cases punishing victims while letting perpetrators walk free. The reason? Most of the gang members were Muslim men, and the police feared they would look like they were racist if they pursued charges against these violent criminals.


  • After murders in London overtook murders in New York City, London Mayor Sadiq Khan decided it was a priority to implement…Knife Control. He has tasked 120 “violent crime officers” with going after anyone carrying a knife in public, and they’ve outlawed home deliveries of knives.


  • Earlier this month, a 19-year-old woman was arrested and found guilty of disseminating “grossly offensive” material when she posted rap lyrics containing the N-word on social media. She was sentenced to wear an electronic ankle monitor, adhere to an 8 p.m curfew, pay a fine, and complete 8 weeks of community service. Regardless of whether or not she SHOULD have posted the lyrics to social media, she should have the right to do it, and her punishment seems quite extreme.


  • In April 2016, a British man was arrested after he posted a video of his girlfriend’s dog doing a Nazi-salute after hearing certain Nazi or anti-semitic phrases. The man was found guilty of committing a hate crime for the “grossly offensive” video that he claimed was a joke. Obviously it’s disgusting to post videos saying anti-semitic things for a couple views, but it hardly warrants the man being arrested.


  • Charlie Gard was a baby boy born in 2016 in Britain with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, a rare and deadly genetic disease. Although most babies born with this disease pass away, if it’s treated earlier enough it can be cured. The Great Ormond Street Festival said that Charlie was too sick to treat, and planned to remove him from his life support. However, Charlie’s parents were offered asylum in the Vatican and the United States, where there is a New York neurologist working on a cure for Charlie’s exact disease. Sadly, the National Health Service of Britain refused to let his parents help him, and Charlie passed away on July 28, 2017, one week prior to his first birthday.


  • Alfie Evans is a two-year-old boy who is living in a semi-vegetative state in a British hospital due to an undiagnosed brain condition. Although his parents wish to pursue palliative measures in Italy, where he was offered citizenship, British courts ruled that he could not leave, and he must have his ventilator removed. His parents aren’t trying to force the British hospital to perform any procedure they feel uncomfortable about, they simply want to move him to Italy so he can keep fighting. Unfortunately, the British government doesn’t want to give up that control.


Time and time again the British government has hurt its own citizens. They clearly have misguided priorities, putting tolerance over safety, feelings over freedom, and control over health. It makes sense that some on the left see this as a guide for America, as Leftists want more control over our everyday lives, which is something Britain has mastered. If we are going to preserve America as we know it, we can’t let that happen.

We need to look to these examples in Britain, not as a guide, but as a warning of what could happen here if we follow them over the cliff.