Trump Net Neutrality Plan: “Fire Up the Weed Whacker”

by David Grasso, GenFKD

The new chief telecommunications regular appointed by the new administration, Ajit Pai, is rolling out the Trump net neutrality Plan. The new head of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has made it very clear that he wants to dismantle the net neutrality policy framework aggressively pursued by the Obama administration.

Can you remind me what net neutrality is?

Net neutrality is a regulation policy that demands that all internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data on the internet the same. ISPs are forbidden from blocking or slowing down any websites, even if those websites are data intensive and eating up a lot of bandwidth.

Essentially, ISPs want to charge more for “bandwidth hogs.” Under previous policy, all content was treated equally. The new administration’s policy is now veering in the direction of “taking a weed whacker” to net neutrality.

The case against net neutrality

Big telecom companies say that net neutrality is stifling innovation, because they refuse to invest in internet infrastructure when they can’t get people to pay for their respective data usage. They say that if they could charge people who use data-consumption heavy sites more, they could provide more advanced fiber networks across the nation.

Like many of the Trump administration’s ideological stances, they believe that the Obama era was characterized by regulatory overreach. Instead, the market should be…

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