Trump White House website changes cause serious SJW panic

Originally published by Legal Insurrection

Anyone who still doubts how seriously President Donald Trump takes his new position or his capacity for hard work will be pleased to learn just how swiftly his new administration has changed the political climate already.

My colleague Fuzzy Slippers has already reported that his first Executive Order lays the groundwork for waiving or minimizing the penalty for Americans who don’t buy health insurance that would probably void the burdensome Obamacare requirement altogether. His second order made General James Mattis our new Secretary of Defense.

If this “Pen and Phone” goodness wasn’t already enough, Trump’s IT team went right to work on the new White House webpage. Within a new moments of Trump’s oath, the first phase of the site transition began with the archival of former President Obama’s material, which created a stir among the nation’s social justice warriors.

And entertrainer Bette Midler may have broken away from taking The Oath to tweet this:

Concerned citizens across the nation tried to calm the panic by noting that this action was a standard procedure for administration transitionss.

Less than an hour after President Trump took the…

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