UNCW Financial Literacy: Not a Thing, Apparently

by Joel Barrio

The University of North Carolina Wilmington, along with other universities and grade schools within North Carolina, leaves much to be desired in teaching valuable financial literacy skills to the millennial generation.

A Generational Problem

Millennials have recently overtaken the Baby Boomers as the largest segment of America’s population. Of the many challenges this growing generation must face, one of the largest concerns is being unable to manage their own finances.

In a 2016 national poll released by JumpStart, millennials expressed they were, “reasonably confident about money,” but they also stated that thinking about their finances led them to, “experience a great deal of stress.” In the report of those polled by USA Today and Bank of America, “41 percent of Millennials are ‘chronically stressed’ about money,” and that, “Millennials feel they have expertise in social media (34 percent) vs. personal finance (17 percent) or investing (5 percent).” Yet, “40 percent of Millennials believe they are currently financially fit,” even if they have had no prior education on how to manage their finances.

GenFKD asked various student organizations at UNC Wilmington how they ensure that students receive this crucial financial education. Unfortunately, the same reply continued to pop up with each…

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