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4 Reasons Why Socialism is Becoming Popular

When it comes to addressing the popularization of socialism, the radicalization of academia is the lynchpin issue.... Read more

John Adams on the Purpose of Government

At a time when we often forget that liberty is both America’s rationale and its greatness, Americans would profit from Adams’s wisdom.... Read more

Joe Rogan Criticizes Transgender Athletes in Female Competition

Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan blasts the inclusion of transgender athletes in female competition.... Read more

The Fall of the Wall and the Rise of Political Correctness

What might the Berlin Wall teach us about PC culture? ... Read more

Why D.C. Is a Real Life Mordor

Washington D.C. might be more analogous to Mordor than one might think. Thomas Massie muses on Tolkein, and how power corrupts our politicians.... Read more

Rebellion Is in Fashion: Ersatz Couture and Avant-Garde Design in East Berlin

The raucous, rebellious beauty of illegal fashions fed East Germans’ need for creativity and individuality under a government that controlled every asp... Read more

Under Socialism the Worst Get on Top

The lessons of history and human nature should warn us against socialism. Millennials seem to be willfully ignorant of both. ... Read more

Salad Bars and Water Systems are Easy Targets for Bioterrorists

Our biodefense system has been vulnerable and outdated for well over a decade.... Read more

The 'OK Boomer' Meme Comes From a Place of Insecurity

A society that has abandoned religion, as ours has done, also fears death, which in turn leads to contempt for older generations.... Read more

The Berlin Wall: Its Rise, Fall, and Legacy

The collapse of communism was a magnificent triumph of the human spirit. The commitment to liberty defeated the lust for power.... Read more

US Homicides Fall for Second Year as Murder Rate Drops in 38 States

In spite of the fact we are told the US is in the grip of a gun violence crisis, FBI data shows murder rates dropped for the second year.... Read more

Abortion is Defining Issue in Kentucky Governor's Race

In a twist that surprised many campaign officials in Kentucky, the Bluegrass State’s gubernatorial election has boiled down to one issue: abortion.... Read more

Do Troubles Inside the Catholic Church Mean Trouble for Us All?

The Roman Catholic Church is changing its priesthood and inconsistently advocating for open borders for European countries, but not authoritative regim... Read more

5 Ways the Hunger Games Dystopia Happened in Real Life

Dystopian stories are popular for sure, but you don’t have to turn to fiction to find them.... Read more

Cartel Murders Mormon Family Traveling Along Southern Border

Nine people from a Mormon family were killed in a Cartel ambush near the U.S.-Mexico border. ... Read more

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