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The New Trickle-Down Theory of Economics

“Trickle-down theory,” where the rich keep their money rather than have it taxed away, is a term created by people suspicious of free markets.... Read more

The Ugandan Miracle of a Market-Driven Charity

This charity utilizes a market-based approach to get people invested in their own success, while reducing child and infant mortality rates.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Shuts Down In Michigan

Another Planned Parenthood facility has closed, this time in Saginaw, Michigan.... Read more

Lindsey Graham Claims President Trump Abandoned Kurdish Allies

Rep. Senator Lindsey Graham Criticizes President Trump on U.S. withdraw from Northern Syria. ... Read more

How to Stop Google and YouTube From Becoming Orwellian Nightmares

Big Tech is huge. Abuses by Google and YouTube could destroy careful public thought. ... Read more

How Cronyism Created NYC's Taxi Medallion Bubble

AOC is supporting a bailout of crony capitalism...... Read more

When the Quest for Education Equity Stifles Innovation

The Powderhouse story is the latest example of why educational innovation must occur outside of the public schooling system.... Read more

What Brandt Jean Taught About Forgiveness

During Amber Guyger's murder conviction, Brandt Jean, the victim's brother taught us all an important lesson about mercy.... Read more

‘Let’s Eat the Babies!?’

Is it time to start cannibalizing the young? Or should we eat them a bit later on in life?... Read more

Is Jeff Bezos Smaug the Dragon?

Is it monstrous to be super-rich billionaire?... Read more

Government Meddling Is the Reason You're "Underpaid"

It is frequently allege that, under capitalism, people aren’t paid what they are worth to employers. But the commonly-drawn implication that state inte... Read more

How to Overcome Your Digital Addiction

In his latest book "Digital Minimalism," computer science professor Cal Newport says our drive for social approval is one factor behind the rise of dig... Read more

About That Che T-Shirt

Think twice about adding a Che Guevara T-shirt to your Christmas giving this year.... Read more

Why a “Billionaire” Wealth Tax Would Hurt the Working Poor and the Middle Class

Although the wealth tax was drafted with the poor in mind, its passing could cause them more harm than benefit.... Read more

Can Babies Defeat Marx?

Perhaps instead of running from children, the current child-bearing generation needs to embrace them. ... Read more

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