Morning Minute – May 22, 2018

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  • Manhunt for suspects in Baltimore are after officer killed – NBC News
    • Police are searching a Baltimore, Maryland suburb with helicopters and police dogs after a police office was killed last night. Witnesses say the office was approaching a vehicle when suddenly they heard a gunshot, and then saw the jeep run over the police officer. Police say the cause of death won’t be confirmed until they do an autopsy, and police say the suspects may still be ‘armed and dangerous.’



  • Major donor pulls funding from University of Minnesota for discriminating against Ben Shapiro – The Daily Wire
    • A major blow has been struck to the University of Minnesota as conservatives continue to battle against liberal bias on college campuses. After the university forced conservative Ben Shapiro to speak off-campus, a major donor has pulled their funding from the university, and will instead partner the Young America’s Foundation, the group that brought Shapiro to the school.



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