WATCH: Matt Schlapp Takes on Ana Navarro and Chris Cuomo on CNN

matt schlapp

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the ACU, and Ana Navarro joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday to discuss President Trump’s credibility.

They discuss the CNN poll that said only 36% of Americans see the president as honest and trustworthy, vs. 60% who don’t. Additionally, when asked whether they trust what the White House says, 24% said yes, and 73% said no.

While Navarro claims the President lies every day, Schlapp backs up the President. He admitted that some of the President’s words can be misleading, but also notes that people like President Trump’s authenticity, and that he speaks his mind. Additionally, Matt blames CNN and the mainstream media for the extreme negative bias of their coverage of the president.

He says, “we have political disagreements, but I think it’s wrong of you to call people who have a contrary position, ‘a liar.'”

One of the most surprising parts of the interview is when the discussion turns to abortion. Matt points out that with respect to abortion, science is on his side. Chris seems to shock Schlapp with his response that abortion is “not about science. It’s about ethics, religion, and morality. Nobody’s making abortion about science.” Matt responds, “the science of when life begins is unquestionable.”

Watch the entire interview below.