Where’s The Outrage at Dems for Trying To Undermine The Electoral College?

Originally published by The Lid

by Philip Hodges

Lots of people have pointed out this glaring inconsistency. During the campaign – when everyone (even me) assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to win – liberals in the media made a huge deal out of making sure that Donald Trump and his supporters would accept the results of the election. When he told pundits that he would ‘keep them in suspense’ by not saying one way or the other whether he’d concede the election, the media went berserk, accusing him of trying to undermine the electoral process. How dare he question the integrity of our voting system and our “democracy?”

Well, you know what happened after Trump won the election. Immediately, liberals did exactly what they were accusing Trump of doing. They sought to undermine the electoral college. And leading up to the Electoral College, members of the voting group were harassed, intimidated, and even received death threats, trying to convince electors to vote against Trump.

A group of celebrities led by Martin Sheen released a video urging electors to vote against Trump.

Pundits, columnists, and college professors have gone on tirades on TV and in print, attempting to sway the Electoral College and calling for its outright ban.

If those things aren’t classified as…

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