Working Through College: Tips To Help Guide The Way

by Alanna Palomino, GenFKD

Working through college can be a daunting lifestyle. When most people begin their first semester of college, they are nervous about the workload. Regardless of whether it is a full-time or part-time job, working adds a whole new amount of responsibility to your plate, along with more stress.

Managing your time

The key to success when working while also being a college student is to smartly manage your time. It is easy to become overwhelmed with work from both ends when you do not have a set schedule. Therefore, it is incredibly important to create a schedule that allows you to balance both work and school while avoiding as much stress as possible. You can invest in planners, or even just use a schedule on your Gmail or phone. There are a few ways to figure out what system is best for you, but each system varies from person to person.

Creating the ideal class schedule

When making a class schedule for the semester, you want to make sure that you save time for work. Generally, a full-time college student has five classes, allowing for some flexibility within the week. For some people, night classes are ideal because they can can work a full day and then attend classes a few nights a…

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