President Trump Earns Big Win in 9th Circuit Court on Asylum Rule

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hands President Trump a massive win with proposed asylum rule.... Read more

Fate and Accountability: The Choice Makes Us Who We Are

Are you someone who takes control of your own fate? Or do you merely bemoan the things that seem to happen to you?... Read more

Do Consumers Know What's Best for Them?

Like the mythical “economic man,” the Perfectly Wise Individual is a straw man created by the critics of the theory.... Read more

Illegal Alien Arrested With Enough Fentanyl to Kill 500,000 Americans

An illegal alien was arrested and sentenced to prison after attempting to traffic massive amounts of fentanyl into the United States.... Read more

Technology Creates More Jobs Than It Destroys

Despite the claims to the contrary, innovation is a job creator, not a job demolisher.... Read more

The Amazon Fire Alarm Is Unwarranted

The misinformation about the Amazon fires is a telling example of climate apocalypse rhetoric in the United States and Europe.... Read more

The Myth That the Polar Bear Population Is Declining

The story of a resurgent polar bear population deserves to be told and applauded.... Read more

What Is a Washingtonian Foreign Policy?

What exactly are American interests? What unifies our foreign policy? ... Read more

The Myth That Our Planet Faces an Overpopulation Crisis

The world is not in danger of being overpopulated, so why do so many insist it is?... Read more

4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

Current climate predictions can be terrifying if you don't know about the previous dire climate claims that amounted to nothing.... Read more

What Public Schools Get Wrong About Diversity

Diversity. It’s one of the buzzwords of this generation. Forget sameness, everyone must be different, while at the same time inclusive. It’s that simpl... Read more

Bernie Sanders Claims Abortion Helps Combat Climate Change

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders supports Abortion as a means to control human population.... Read more

Silicon Valley Wants To Read Your Mind – Here’s Why You Should Be Worried

Facebook and Neuralink are hoping to be able to read or directly connect to your brain. This presents a whole set of ethical problems.... Read more

Why Socialism Is the Failed Idea That Never Dies

Over the past hundred years, there have been more than two dozen attempts to build a socialist society.... Read more

Brazilian Socialism Shows Us How Not To Take Care of Forests

Brazil's longtime disregard for property rights has shown us how not to manage forest lands. Calls for government solutions to forest fires do nothing... Read more

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