Russia Banned From 2020 Olympics Over PED Scandal

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) concluded Russia will be banned from world competition.... Read more

When the Communists Abolished the Weekend

By abolishing the weekend, the Soviets were in one move able to strike a blow against both families and religious institutions.... Read more

The Spanish-American War: When Liberation Became Oppression

Prior to the Spanish-American War, Americans had followed George Washington’s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements.... Read more

The Anti-Feminist Message Hidden in ‘Little Women’

This passage seems to be overlooked when creating "Little Women" for the feminist mind.... Read more

Robotics Researchers Have a Duty to Prevent Autonomous Weapons

Our ever-growing appetite for intelligent, autonomous machines poses a host of ethical challenges.... Read more

Serving the Consumer: The Secret to Walt Disney's Success

Walt Disney was the creator of Mickey Mouse and a score of lovable animated characters, but he never lost sight of the importance of serving the consu... Read more

Christmas After Communism: One Man’s Story

When Chambers rejected the Communist philosophy of faith in man and embraced faith in God, he had what he viewed as his first Christmas.... Read more

Violent Cartel Shooting Leaves at Least 20 People Dead

At least 20 people were killed after cartel members ambushed the Mexican border town Villa Union.... Read more

How Praising Children Teaches Them Not to Learn

Parents often think praise encourages their children, but it could be teaching them bad habits that could cost them later in life.... Read more

9 of the 10 Richest People in the World Are Self-Made Entrepreneurs

The world's billionaires are a pretty diverse bunch, but nine out of the top ten are self-made entrepreneurs.... Read more

Social Justice Is Nothing like Real Justice

Social justice has done more harm to those it intended to help, ultimately hindering society’s advancement as a whole.... Read more

An Overlooked Reason Fertility Rates May Be Falling

It's not student loan debt, or non-family-friendly employment policies. ... Read more

It’s Time to Declutter Your Kids’ Calendars

Will our children be better prepared for future successes if they grew up spending more time with their parents?... Read more

How to Tell if Your Digital Addiction is Ruining Your Life

The fear that digital distractions are ruining our lives and friendships is becoming widespread.... Read more

DHS Reports “About 60,000” Illegals Have Been Sent Back Under Remain in Mexico Program

The DHS praises the Trump administration "Remain in Mexico" program that has sent back 60,000 migrant asylum seekers.... Read more

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