Traveling Backwards: Reparations and the Complications of History

Why should taxpayers pay reparations for an institution our ancestors helped defeat?... Read more

Don’t Overlook Gen Z’s Creative Edge

As baby boomers prepare to exit the workforce over the coming years, it will be incumbent on Generations X and Y to listen to and work collaboratively ... Read more

The Bystander Effect: Myth or Fact?

Research into the bystander effect began in earnest after the brutal rape and murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964.... Read more

Berlin's Government Is Making Housing Unaffordable

In response to tight housing markets, the Berlin government has decided to make things worse through price controls and new regulations on housing cons... Read more

Trump Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Cross Into North Korea

On Sunday, Donald Trump officially became the first sitting United States President to set foot on North Korean Soil...... Read more

Christianity and the Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is an attack on religion, an attempt by scientists to step outside their proper sphere and disprove once and for all the existence ... Read more

Scientists, Beer, and the Incentives of Government-Funded Research

A major 2019 Canadian study found that alcohol was too cheap, its purchase was too convenient, and governments did not do enough to discourage its sale... Read more

How to Destroy a Civilization

MMT is the new thing among progressives. But it's been tried by many others, including the Roman dictators who ruined the economy and had Rome falling ... Read more

Black Markets Show How Socialists Can't Overturn Economic Laws

The same laws of market economics have worked in different human societies: from pre-historic to post-industrial, but still socialists continue to ente... Read more

"Progressive" Attacks on Capitalism Were Key to Hitler's Success

To favor interventionism means to enter a road which inevitably leads to socialism...... Read more

FBI Arrests Syrian Refugee after Plot to Bomb Pittsburgh Church

A Syrian Refugee was detained by the FBI for planning an attack on a Pittsburgh church in the name of ISIS.... Read more

Why the Swiss Voted for More Gun Control

Under this new law, military-style, semi-automatic weapons would be heavily restricted, while also tightening up gun registration standards. ... Read more

Three Reasons Flawed Capitalism Is Still Better Than Perfect Socialism

Free market American capitalism may be the saving grace from something much worse...... Read more

The Futility of Those Bans on Plastic Bags and Straws

Studies have found that "environmentally-friendly" reusable bags create few green benefits and are rather unsanitary.... Read more

What You See When You Visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Chernobyl was not a failure of technology. It was the failure of collectivism and its blind trust in the authority of the state. ... Read more

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