The ECB Will Use "Climate Crisis" to Justify Their Next Stimulus Plan

The ECB is likely to start new programs of debt monetization for green projects and claim it is a different, radical and new measure.... Read more

Cartel Sieges Leave Mexicans Wondering if Criminals Run the Country

The Cartel attacks, some carefully planned and executed, have made the Mexican government appear weak on organized crime.... Read more

“OK Boomer” Is Just the First Salvo of a Larger Generational Showdown

Baby boomers might have paid into Social Security, but millennials and Gen Z are being asked to pay a lot more—for a program that will offer them less ... Read more

Marcus Aurelius’s Guide to Inner Freedom

Marcus Aurelius’s "Meditations" instructs us in practices to restore our power of free will.... Read more

To Feel More Gratitude, Pay Less Attention to Your Feelings

Closing the gap between wanting to be grateful and actually feeling grateful is more a matter of allowing than doing.... Read more

What High-Tax Europe Really Looks Like

A new report outlines how intrusive Europe's high taxes are on the work life of its citizens. Is this what Americans want?... Read more

Misconceptions Still Drive Socialism

Socialism was, is, and will continue to be a failure in everything except keeping people behind walls, iron curtains, and barbed wire.... Read more

The Origins of the Thought Police—and Why They Scare Us

In a sense, "1984" is largely a book about the human capacity to maintain a grip on the truth in the face of propaganda and power.... Read more

Lost Innocence: Let’s Give Children a Childhood

Our culture, our society, and our government have little interest in preserving innocence of any kind. ... Read more

Why a Computer Will Never be Truly Conscious

Many advanced AI projects say they are working toward building a conscious machine, but is consciousness computable?... Read more

Report: 80,000 Illegals Held Arrest Records Before DACA Admission

Thousands of illegal Immigrants who successfully enrolled in DACA programs carry potentially dangerous criminal records.... Read more

Thankful for the Flying Nuns

We are so often thankful for the veterans who keep us physically safe. We need to be more thankful for those who keep our souls safe as well.... Read more

Solar Panels Produce Tons of Toxic Waste—Literally

A closer look at solar panels opens a wide array of questions that need answers.... Read more

Strong Family Ties Helps Fight Depression in Later Life

Depression is now the leading cause of disability and disease for people around the world.... Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is the Most Popular Game of 2019. Here’s Why

Modern Warfare's opening launch more than doubled the box office opening of "Joker," the most profitable comic movie ever.... Read more

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