10 Terrifying Facts about the East German Secret Police

The Stasi's sole function was to keep the Communist Party in power. They didn’t care how.... Read more

Inoculating Our Children Against Socialism

10 suggestions to better educate your children about the dangers of socialism. ... Read more

A Time of Deceit: Can Freedom of Speech Endure?

Is truth-telling, or even attempting that arduous task, becoming a vanishingly rare pursuit in America?... Read more

Entitlement Liabilities: The Great Threat to the New Generation

We are on the brink of inter-generational strife. We have the political shortsightedness of decades past to thank for that.... Read more

The FDA Wants to Control Your Stem Cells

Our right to privacy is premised upon the idea of personal autonomy and extends to the right to bodily integrity. This includes our stem cells.... Read more

4 Reasons Why Socialism is Becoming Popular

When it comes to addressing the popularization of socialism, the radicalization of academia is the lynchpin issue.... Read more

The Forgotten Mass Destruction of Jewish Homes During ‘Kristallnacht’

Every November, communities around the world hold remembrances on the anniversary of the brutal assault on the Jews during “Kristallnacht.”... Read more

The Fall of the Wall and the Rise of Political Correctness

What might the Berlin Wall teach us about PC culture? ... Read more

Making Life or Death Decisions is Hard

When faced with a wildfire, responders must act quickly and decisively to save lives... Read more

Rebellion Is in Fashion: Ersatz Couture and Avant-Garde Design in East Berlin

The raucous, rebellious beauty of illegal fashions fed East Germans’ need for creativity and individuality under a government that controlled every asp... Read more

Under Socialism the Worst Get on Top

The lessons of history and human nature should warn us against socialism. Millennials seem to be willfully ignorant of both. ... Read more

Salad Bars and Water Systems are Easy Targets for Bioterrorists

Our biodefense system has been vulnerable and outdated for well over a decade.... Read more

10 Jokes That Could’ve Landed You in an East German Prison

Here are 10 more jokes that were popular in East Germany, but were almost certainly too hot (or just too honest) for the Stasi.... Read more

Can Crypto Revive Swiss Banking?

While some governments have sought to wage war against cryptocurrency, Switzerland is striving to become a "crypto-nation." ... Read more

The Berlin Wall: Its Rise, Fall, and Legacy

The collapse of communism was a magnificent triumph of the human spirit. The commitment to liberty defeated the lust for power.... Read more

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