Reagan Defied His Staff With "Tear down this Wall" Command to Gorbachev

A little more than two years after Reagan’s Berlin Wall speech, the Berlin wall did fall unexpectedly on November 9, 1989.... Read more

Good Money, Bad Money—And How Bitcoin Fits In

Technological progress is just one aspect of making the emergence of good money possible. ... Read more

Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Journalism Offers a Glimpse of the Future of the Knowledge Economy

Robots may not hold the pens just yet, but they can help people produce the work...... Read more

Former MLB Star David Ortiz Shot in Dominican Republic Night Club

Boston Red Soxs legend David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican over this past weekend.... Read more

Three Ways Capitalists Make Workers Better Off

Its not capitalism that necessitates humans to work to avoid their demise, but nature itself...... Read more

Bypassing Paralysis

By decoding brain activity with electrical implants, computers can help disabled people move a robotic arm — or their own.... Read more

Two Years After Trump's Exit from the Paris Agreement, It's Proven To Be a Farce

Environmental activists admit that the Paris Agreement wasn't a "solution" to climate change, they should actually be thanking Trump for abandoning it.... Read more

Illegal Immigrants Granted Flight Access in Texas Airports

Texas TSA agents allegedly allow illegal immigrants to flight access without proper documentation. ... Read more

Students Increasingly Are Pursuing Degrees with Better Job Prospects, Data Show

More needs to be done to provide information to students so they can make better decisions about what they choose to study.... Read more

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

From fostering creativity and freedom to providing impressive educational outcomes, homeschooling is an increasingly appealing option.... Read more

D-Day Succeeded Thanks to an Ingenious Design Called the Mulberry Harbours

When Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy they used a remarkable and entirely untested technology...... Read more

Want More Investment and Entrepreneurship? Protect Private Property

Africa has plenty of workers and plenty of natural resources. But private property is not secure there, which means few are willing to invest their cap... Read more

Big Tech Surveillance Could Damage Democracy

The more tech companies know about their users, the more effectively they can direct them to goods and services that they are likely to buy.... Read more

Why This New Gene Therapy Drug Costs $2.1 Million

Drugs costing over $2 million are the latest symptom of the overregulation disease.... Read more

Republics in History

These principles mark the difference between our government and all others in history... ... Read more

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